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Domestic Goddess

So I woke up in full domestic goddess mode yesterday and let me tell you, when that spirit takes over, magic happens. It’s funny how I can live on microwaved oats and pureed veggies/fruits for weeks because I’m not in the mood to cook then on other days, I go the whole nine yards with all the frills like it’s nothing.

It started Thursday when I finally dragged myself out of my room, threw on some clothes and tricked my brother into driving me everywhere I needed to go – Cucumber & Spinach from Exclusive, chicken & eggs from Anadariya, yoghurt & fruits from games village and everything else from Area 2? [skipped Shoprite] – Is it weird that I shop like that? Like I never just enter one place and buy everything I need, much to my brother’s annoyance. It’s just that overtime, I know for sure where I can get a better deal/quality for everything I need [especially fruits & veggies] and because I am very particular, it means that on stock-up days, I end up going to at least 5 different places to buy accordingly [shout out to my brother who hates the circling but has no choice]. I had been feening for a tropical salad and grilled chicken so I set to prepping while waiting for my frozen chicken to thaw.

Can I just say, I crack myself up a lot, like I actually find myself laughing a lot when I’m by myself thanks to the voices in my head and my hyperactive imagination. While unpacking my stash, I unwrapped this monster cucumber and I couldn’t help but post to my social media.

Of cos I got the boys riled up when I asked “Does this cucumber intimidate you?” LMAO [Shout out to Zim for the monster cucumber she DM’d me]; A MESS!! Hahahaha

An hour had gone by at this point and NEPA was still out which meant I couldn’t use the microwave to defrost the chicken; it still hadn’t thawed. I started forcing the chicken to let me work it but baby girl just won’t budge!! She locked her thick thighs so tight; just look at this…..

And I just couldn’t help myself yet again so I posted it to my social media pages like why is this chicken playing hard to get? I’ve been trying to get her to open her legs for over an hour but she’s just not having it. Perhaps she’s nun chicken in chickendom? Maybe raised in a convent? And I know damn well it’s a she chicken because no boy/man [especially not in the chicken world] needs to be convinced to open his legs, let alone for an entire hour, okay?! We kuku know what cocks get up to! Ha [the puns just won’t stop]! I got some hilarious responses..…


I was cracking up so bad.

Anyways, when she finally let me in [no pun], I cut out the pieces I needed, washed and left them in a colander to drain excess water, then I spiced it up and left it sitting overnight in the refrigerator to marinate.

The marinate spice is made of  – pepper, garlic, thyme, garlic salt, black pepper, knorr maggi and salt.

Lest I forget, let me say; I’m always so happy when my common sense kicks in and aids in my quest to be more frugal. I went to Anadariya with the intention of buying chicken cutlets – breasts and thighs – but then I got there and found that a pack of chicken breasts which contained 6 breast pieces cost about N1150 and the thighs were about N980 for 4 pieces, but a full chicken as pictured above cost about N1250. So what did I do? I fashied the cutlets and instead bought TWO FULL chickens from which I was able to get 4 full thighs(with 4 drumsticks) and 8 pieces of chicken breasts; the extra parts of the chicken that were left but I didn’t really need for my grill recipe have been used to make me a yummy pot of chicken stew. …. All for the bargain price of just N2500 [difference of just N370]. I felt pretty good with myself for my quick thinking. Dear husband, I’m ready to run a home 😀

By noon of yesterday, my marinated chicken bits were ready to be grilled and that’s exactly what I did – whipped out my trusty Tfal skillet, oiled it lightly with some olive oil and went to town.


Less than 10mins in and my entire house was transformed into everything you love about summer [you fancy folk].

 IMG_6573.JPG IMG_6576.JPG IMG_6579.JPG

Funny Story: I bought that Tfal skillet from Target last time I was in Chicago. As it’s always the case when you enter a Target, I didn’t go there looking to buy a skillet, but there was a flash sale and the cheapskate in me couldn’t help myself. I was leaving the next day and as I packed, it dawned on me that I hadn’t thought this through… how am I going to bring this thing back to Abuja? So you know what I did? I chucked it into my carry-on bag – a large LV Neverfull – and spent the entire trip getting weird looks from people. I’m sure the fact that there was an obvious pan handle sticking out of a Louis Vuitton handbag added to the confusion because I’m guessing people would expect the owner of said bag to be a bit more “babe-ish” right? Imagine getting to the TSA line [and every other security check point] and pulling a skillet out of your handbag because metal, or getting up mid-flight to remove a book from your handbag in the overhead stow but there’s no way to do that without bringing the skillet out first. Yup! I was THAT NIGERIAN on the flight but my unlooking game was on 100. And listen; since I was flying Air France, we had a lay-over in Paris so I’m basically that stereotypical black person walking around Charles De-Gaulle carrying questionable shit.…. IN THE MOST ROMANTIC CITY IN THE WORLD. I reckon that’s why nobody toasted me that entire trip *tears* In hindsight, I should have wrapped it up or something but I’m sure the handle would still have given me away. But you know what? Today, with this mouthwatering picture and the tasty turnout of my chicken, this skillet has redeemed itself for the shame I chopped for it. Cool story over. LOL

Following my “she won’t open her legs” joke, yesterday, I posted a photo of my ready-to-eat juicy grilled chicken and obviously some of you were still in the mood for naughty jokes: 

It did indeed! And that’s a lesson in patience for us all. But you lot are enablers of bad behavior! Y’all got jokes!

Anyways, that done, I set on to my tropical salad – finely chopped and thoroughly mixed together.

What you need: Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber, Sweet Corn, Mango, Tomatoes, Grilled Chicken     

I used a simple dressing – a quick mix of lemon juice, unsweetened yogurt and honey.


Then I made jollof rice.

I served my tropical salad in a bed of lettuce, with grilled chicken and a drizzle of my homemade dressing. Yummers!

Don’t tell anyone but after taking pretty pictures, I went and added Jollof rice to my plate because……. Gerrarahia mehn! LOL

The rest of my boozy saturday will be spent doing just that… Boozing. Domestic Goddess….. out!

How are you guys doing? Hope you’re having a lovely weekend?

Besos xx



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Birthday shenanigans 

Guys!!!! Seember had the best birthday ever!!!!! I’m still on the birthday high even as I type this. It was small and intimate and had no extra frills but it was perfect. Nothing like an entire day dedicated to catering to your every whim by good friends and family.

Last year, my birthday fell on a Sunday so I started the day in church – rightly so. This year however, it fell on a Monday but it wasn’t a problem. Once I noticed it would be on a Monday, I made a date with Jesus for the 3rd; woke up bright and early and went to thank him for my life.  Took selfies after church because….. Vain-Seember!


So… 4th came!!! My phone started buzzing almost immediately. Lots of singing [frog voices and all] :P, lots of prayers, lots of tweets, lots of facebook notifications, lots of bbms, whatsapp messages. I had to turn the phone off at some point just to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz(s) seeing as I still had to run at 6am. I already knew I was going to eat like a cow during the day so I had no choice but to exercise. Woke up and headed out by 6:30am and look….

I fucking kicked ass! 15.5kms – 933 calories burnt. Whoop! I could now sit back, eat well and enjoy my day. And that’s exactly what I did.

My dear Boks & Achike were prompt and early and came bearing gifts of cake, HRM and Mac makeup. Can I talk about my cake for a bit? Okay! Listen! You have never had cake like this, I’m telling you. Double gooey chocolate with a hazelnut center filling and coconut topping. Achike and I started eating it before I remembered to take a picture so forgive the missing toppings ….. But look at this beauty. Tasted like good decisions and happy fat! My taste buds sang the Halleluya chorus… Handel’s. [Thank you guys so much Boks & Achike for my presents, I loved them]

Say my name!!!!

I made my winning jollof rice & peppered turkey. It never fails, everyone loved it. I forgot to take pictures because that’s what happens when you’re having a blast! Managed to find a haphazard one of the peppered turkey but it’ll have to do. Peep the protein powder in the corner…. Fitting irony because fitfam was parked in one corner just like that. Lol

Our friend Oria joined the gang after work with booze and icecream. Chai!!! So after all that rice and whatnot what did I do? I served the cake with a dollop of icecream and then drizzled baileys all over it. Yes guys, its not a coincidence that my waistline is thick, I sabi chop and I sabi mix am.  ha ha. PS: Guys, this Olmeca flavoured tequila is the shit! Serve it on the rocks with nothing else and thank God for good living. Yum!!


We spent the rest of the day just laughing, teasing each other, gossiping, knocking back endless drinks, banter and all round fun. My friend Teni also joined us at night, she came to eat cake, but ended up eating rice too while wearing her gym clothes… lmao.

My sister posted the sweetest message on Instagram for me. Look at that – Me and my baby girl…. Miss Iveren. Then she sent me more pictures. Too cute. That third one looks like she’s saying “Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” but I think it looks more like a tantrum “Noooooooooooooooooooooo”…. We need to work on her lip-synching skills. ha ha. Look at her hair; Nigerian women is it by force to make your baby’s 5 strands of hair? lol

IMG_5209.PNG    IMG_5210.PNG  IMG_5055.JPG

Then look at what Wandoo posted on her Instagram page for me……. Walahi, my eyes started sweating! How sweet and touching!


I love my family. I really do. And these messages touch a part of my heart that sings; thank you my dear. Mom called too, she says there’s pounded yam waiting for me in Benue this weekend. Best! My brother waltzed into my room in the afternoon to tell me that he’s been trying to post a birthday wish on my facebook wall but its not working. I’m like, shey its too much trouble to just come to my room and wish me a happy birthday? Facebook is better abi? LOL. He’s a special one.

It was a beautiful day indeed. May 4th.

So I woke up the next day feeling like a beached whale. After all that food and misbehavior, I knew I had to exercise. But God was merciful, it was raining so I had an excuse to not be out at 6am. Thankfully, the weather remained cool all day and so I headed out in the afternoon, armed with me new HRM [thank you Boki] and look….. 2hrs 36mins, 15.7km and 1322 calories later; I was feeling like Usain Bolt! Bye beached whale. ha!

IMG_5077.JPG    IMG_5095.JPG

You know, I’ve always wondered what the disparity is between the stats registered on the Nike app vs one on a HRM and I guess its finally settled. The Nike app logged in 957 calories while the HRM logged in 1322; a whopping difference of almost 4oo calories. Woah! So basically, I need to go back and add almost 4oo calories to all my workout stats prior to using the HRM. I like knowing and seeing my efforts in such accuracy. With this HRM, its quite unlikely that I’d miss a day of workout, I want to see over 1000 on my wrist every damn day because my middle name is overkill. Yes! 😀

When I go out to exercise, I pretty much look like something a cow chewed and spat out! No effort whatsoever. Add that to all the sweating and i’m surprised I’ve gotten toasted on my runs. Sidebar: I love you Nigerian men, y’all are awesome for a girl’s self esteem. Anyways, I was saying…. After i’m done working out, I get back home, shower and primp up and……….. LOOK AT THAT!!!

IMG_5163.JPG IMG_5169.PNG


I’m such a beautiful girl. Ahn! See God was just showing off when he made me. It’s not bragging if its true. Lol.

Funny Story: One cool evening, dressed in baggy slacks, a tank top & shades [far difference from my workout clothes];I decided to walk through my usual run route to go buy something in games village and the security guys at the American school that always hail me when i’m running didn’t say a word to me. I said – oga una well done oooo – and they responded rather casually. Next day, I’m running past in my workout garbage chic look and its back to some very enthusiastic “Ah, sister, well done ooooo”. Lol. Apparently, they didn’t recognize me the previous day. I looked too much like a human being. Lol.  Cool story over.


All in all, I had the best birthday. I’m so thankful for everyone who called me, sent messages, bought me gifts, dashed me money and wished me well. May God bless each one of you and may you have people be just as kind to you. I had people come and go till about midnight and I was sad the day had to end. But even though my day ended, I’ve still been on a birthday high – the gifts are still coming in, the messages & calls haven’t stopped and it still feels like birthday at mi casa. Infact, i’m typing this with one hand because my dear Hauwa just sent me TWO packs of precious KULUWINGS!! In two different flavours. Lord hammacy! Guys, I have to go… *licks fingers*

Truly, I AM BLESSED! I may not have much, but I am loved and the love flowed freely. I cannot thank you guys enough, may God bless you all.

PS: Wondering about my birthday wishlist? I think it deserves a post of its own. Sometime soon.

Cheers xx



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May Challenge

Hi guys. 

As the title of this post indicates, I intend to do a fitness/diet challenge for the entire month of May. And I’d love for you guys to join me. Yes? Please say yes? You know you want to 🙂

After my misbehavior in Lagos, I came back home rearing to go back on the straight and narrow but I won’t lie, it’s not been all peachy clean. Between the birthday parties/dinners/lunch dates and random cookout invites *ahem Dooshima*, things have been quite windy. When I got an SOS from Dooshima, I knew it was the universe attempting to guide me back haha. So we both decided to start off on some type of regimen which we’ve managed to do for the last 2 weeks and while it’s generally been okay, I don’t feel like it’s enough because… my middle name is overkill. Plus I’m an all or nothing type person and honestly I’ve snoozed my alarm way too many times recently.

But it ends today!

Starting from tomorrow – 1st May [Best month ever!! Whoop whoop], we are going ham!!! Even though I’d probably eat tons of cake on the 4th because…. BIRTHDAY; it’s okay. I think just for that day, I’m allowed to faff, I mean, it’s my birthday. PS: Have you seen my birthday wishlist? It’s a real thing. I’m expecting awesomeness 😀

So what’s the plan for this challenge? It’s Simple! To cover 350 kilometers of jogging/running during the period of 30 days of the month of May.  DO NOT FREAK OUT!! This is a very realistic goal for 30 days. It just means covering the distance of approximately 12km everyday. Maybe more on weekends [if you please]. Don’t freak out! This target is very much achievable and you can do it. YES YOU CAN!!!!

What do you need? Just download the Nike run app on your smartphone/device  and add me via my username: Gorgeous Brownskin [obviously] 😉 and I’d invite you to the challenge once you’ve added me. that’s all! After that, every time you go out to jog/run, just launch you Nike app and it’ll automatically log in your workout stats and update it on the challenge board everyday. Simple as that! Very easy to use. Now if you want to use any other tracking app, it’s still okay, just as long as you maintain some type of accountability. But I’m hoping you choose the Nike app so I can enjoy looking at the challenge board as I kick your ass during this challenge ha ha. I’m an ass. Sorry.

Let’s do this!

During this challenge, I’ll be having a smoothie/green juice every morning for breakfast and a salad for dinner. You can find all you need to know about juicing here . Lunch will be a protein packed one – very important. and this will be so for all of May. I can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining a sensible diet while putting in all this work, it’ll be a shame if you workout so hard then ruin it with poor food choices so please endeavor to watch that. A very helpful tool I use to watch my choices is myfitnesspal app, it’s a very helpful resource. Read through that and get yours. 

In addition, I will be sharing my smoothies/juice combos/recipes on my Twitter timeline @GBTheBlog, so please follow follow follow. You don’t want to miss out on that. Remember to drink a lot of water in the course of your day during this challenge; preferably infused water and also have some green tea last thing before bedtime [even better if its infused with lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar]. Also, please, try not to eat anything after 8pm.

Before I forget, running/jogging is my exercise of choice but if it’s not your thing, feel free to infuse any other type of workout you prefer – Zumba, aerobics, spin, T25, yoga etc. The idea is to get active this month and it doesn’t matter how you’re doing it, as long as you are. If you have a calorie tracker, try hard to see over 1000 burnt everyday of this challenge. However, because its a challenge, you’re better off trying new stuff, even the ones you don’t particularly enjoy, so please jog/run with me. It’s not supposed to be a breeze but the sense of accomplishment you’d feel when its all over will be well worth it; not forgetting the svelte body – like there’s no way your clothes wont fit better after this challenge. Summer body loading!

I must warn you, i’m very competitive and so you should come ready :p I mean, I can tell you that it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish or complete your 350km because every little counts [and it truly does] but where’s the fun in that? Don’t you want to win this and win legitimately [The way I won my dear Humzz fair and square even as a rookie?] hahahahahahahahaha. So i’m really hoping you download the Nike run app and join me pronto 😀 This MAY CHALLENGE is to make sure everyone moves and eats consciously. Yes you can!

PS: Wont it be hilarious if one of you decides to whoop my ass at this challenge after all this mouth I’ve made? Don’t embarrass me please. lol. Infact No! You know what? BRING IT!!!!!! *stretches*

Have I missed out on any key information you need? Please ask me here in the comments box and/or on twitter anytime – @GBTheBlog. Don’t forget, I’ll share a lot on there everyday so follow and if you’re yet to subscribe to the blog and you want to, you’ll find the subscribe button on the top right corner of this page. 

Here’s to a kickass May. Let’s get to work.

Will you be joining me? Are you on board? Yes you are 😀

Your’s in sexy summer body


Besos. XX




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Myfitnesspal…. Yourfitnesspal….Ourfitnesspal

Are you on a fitness/healthy eating journey? Are you a conscious eater? Do you care about calories and measures? Have you downloaded the Myfitnesspal app? No? You’re already doing it wrong! Lol. What are you waiting for? Hit that button already… right away. I honestly think Myfitnesspal app is the Beyonce of fitness/calorie apps. It is just amazing. And listen, whether or not you’re looking to lose weight, this app will totally change your approach towards food, enhance your consciousness about choices and sort of fine-tune your mindset. Yes.

I downloaded this app for the first time in 2010 but deleted it almost immediately because…reasons! Infact I totally forgot about it until I downloaded it again in January and realized it was already showing my details. Forgetful Jane, me. Lol. It is such a helpful app and now I’m hooked and honestly don’t know how I ever functioned without it. Thanks to this app, I have become a walking encyclopedia of calorie information and a major source of annoyance to my friends and family.
Friend: Would you like a coke?                                                                                                                                                         Me: Ehn? That’s 270 calories                                                                                                                                                               Friend: I’ll just have Indomie and egg for dinner                                                                                                                             Me: That’s 370+78 = 448.

Who AXE you sha? Sabinus! I usually get a mean side eye but I’ll be on my Ray Charles swag…. Lol

Using this app, I’m realizing that just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it has less calories; and this is very important if you’re on a calorie counting spree. Often times, we think “oh its healthy so I’m allowed to have LOTS of it/oh I just had a salad for lunch so I can eat more at dinner”; scam! I learnt that with this app. Take the tuna salad below, its healthy yes but it doesn’t mise on calories.

FullSizeRender (4)

This tuna salad with avocado slices is a whooping 1098kl per serving

How many times do you throw stuff in your mouth mindlessly during your typical day and think nothing of it? A cookie here, a doughnut there, candy here, cake there… after which you sit down and think “I haven’t eaten today at all”, then proceed to make yourself a nice lunch/dinner thinking to yourself that that’s all you’ve had proper today. Scam! It all counts and this app rubs it in. One day, I tried to log in one tiny piece of coconut I had just eaten [as a snack] and guess what it said? 100g of coconut which is about 1/3 the size of an adult female palm was 354 calories. THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR!!! How can a mindless/thoughtless snack account for nearly half my daily calorie allowance? I was upset. First of all, that was just a snack okay?! Secondly, I could have just eaten one indomie [370kl] and called it a day. Thirdly, I have to have walked 5kilometers [or run 3km] to burn 350 calories, meaning the opportunity cost of one tiny piece of coconut was a 30min run/5km walk? Ridic! Nah! The trade-off just wasn’t fair for me. I felt like it wasn’t worth it so no more coconut for me, I have better ideas for what to do with my 354 calories. Lol.

FullSizeRender (8)

How am I making these deductions? Regular use of myfitnesspal.

So how does it work? You download the app on your phone and sign in using an email or any of your social media accounts. I used my one-nation email because….paranoid! I’ve watched too many oyibo movies to be syncing my social media accounts to every app. Nah.

Anyways, so you log in and input your details – weight, age, height, location, your goal/target [mine is weight loss obviously], how much weight you want to lose and in what amount of time, how active your lifestyle is etc.; based off the stats you’ve just inputed, the app calculates and tells you what your daily calorie allowance should be. Mine is 1200 per day, my friend got 1500 so it varies from person to person. And you’re ready to begin your daily logs. A click of the home button opens up – status, water, food, exercise and weight.
Personally, I only log in my water intake and food daily, the exercise I log in when I do; which is about 4 times a week and I update my weight every week. The exercise tab separates into cardio or strength exercises and you can log in almost anything from zumba to kickboxing to swimming. This app literally thinks for you and anticipates your needs. Wholesome.

IMG_3346       IMG_3348            IMG_3265

Now the food section is full of all kinds of food but sometimes you may not find the exact thing you just ate especially with Nigerian meals probably because Nigerians aren’t logging in enough new recipes but I can bet you’ll find a very close alternative. The trick is to add Nigerian to the end of whatever Nigerian food you type in the search bar e.g searching Egusi may give you 4-5 hits but searching “Egusi soup-Nigerian” will return more hits. Infact, once you type Nigerian in the search bar, all kinds of Nigerian things just appear… like magic ha ha. Trust me, it’s all there, you just have to be a bit creative.

IMG_3382        IMG_3383        IMG_3384

Another tip is, if you cook your meals yourself, you can simply create your own recipes in the recipe tab. Personally, I make almost all my meals myself so I know exactly what’s in it, therefore, I have a log of my own recipes now. Not only am I making it easier for myself to log in my meals, I’m also contributing to the data pool so other members of the myfitnesspal community can use it too. Who knows, that tuna salad you just logged in may just be my recipe and I like that. Makes me feel like I am doing my quota for the betterment of society 😀 ha ha


Some of my own recipes


I prefer to log in my meals before I actually eat them so it measures my allowance, that way I can see what I need and how much/less of it I actually need to make up my daily requirement and then I make necessary adjustments where necessary. I find that if I log in after I’ve already eaten, the likelihood of going overboard my goal/allowance is usually higher.

Protip: I tend to exaggerate my portions to cover anything I may have missed, i think it’s better to exaggerate than under log which may mislead you into eating more albeit unknowingly.

Overall, I’m making better choices with my meals and being uber conscious of the “this vs that” debate. Like I’d much rather have a dense smoothie that is about 180kl than drink a 50cl bottle of coke which is about 210kl. One is filling and can hold you till lunch time; the other is just a craving that does nothing for hunger. And that’s not to say coke is a sin, I just know that I have to work extra hard in the gym the day I choose to indulge. Yes coke is now an indulgence for me. Shock horror!!

FullSizeRender (3) IMG_3250

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (1) IMG_3246 FullSizeRender (6) IMG_3243 IMG_3302

Also, if I know that my lunch will be calorie heavy [like the beans & garri below], I usually will just have an apple and/or a smoothie for breakfast and green tea/ACV at night. It’s all about playing around with the numbers.

FullSizeRender (5)

A whooping 1090kl… Worth every mouthful though. Yum!

One uber cool feature of this app is that it reminds you of little but important details while you log in your meals such as “you’ve reached your sodium[salt] limit for the day”, “this food contains a lot of Vitamin A”, “this food is low in saturated fat”, “you can still eat 480 calories more to stay within your goal”…. How helpful! Which is why it’s best to log in before you eat so you know what to cut out or increase. If you log in at the end of the day, you may have overeaten or even forgotten that one mindless cookie you had at your desk at lunch time. No bueno!

IMG_3278         IMG_3345

Another cool feature: If your turn your device sideways while on the app, it breaks down the content/contribution of every single food input to your overall daily goal and shows you a tally.

IMG_3261    IMG_3262 IMG_3263    IMG_3264

A click on the nutrition button at the bottom of the log shows you a pie chart of your calorie breakdown for the day according to the three food classes and clicking on “Complete entry” shows you your projected weight in 5 weeks.

IMG_3380                        IMG_3381


I think I’ve talked enough, afterall, these people aren’t paying me a figgin for this amazing review/sale pitch… I’m just Saint S riding on her lettuce leaves with the gospel of…. Every little helps.

PS: If you don’t have a smart phone but still want to be able to use this amazing tool, you can simply log on to on your computer and enjoy.

Are you sold? Will you be trying this app? Anything I forgot to address? Any questions? Just use the comments section.


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How many times have you heard or read about the importance of drinking enough water in a day? I bet a lot! There are all kinds of water campaigns shared every day and aimed at encouraging people to ditch the sodas and drink more H2o. Water is great! No lie! It purifies your kidney, transports nutrients and oxygen in the body, regulates your body temperature, prevents headaches, helps you get rid of toxins, regulates bowel movement and improves the appearance of dull/flaky skin amongst many other benefits. But let’s be honest, drinking plain water gets boring jor. Plus some [weirdos] people don’t like to drink water in general.

Personally, if I haven’t drank water in like 4 hours, I start to feel woozy and I’m one of those people who check the colour of my pee religiously to see if I’m drinking enough. Yes guys, the colour of your urine says a lot about what’s happening on your insides – too yellow/almost dark means you aren’t drinking enough water, are dehydrated and should therefore up your intake.  I’ve never needed to be cajoled to drink water; however, infused water has helped me up my already okay water intake.

Infused water? What is this one again? These people have come again! Yes, they have come again ooooo *insert eye roll* ha ha 😀

I’ll make it simple. Infused water is just plain ordinary water jazzed up by adding fruits and veggies in it to add flavor and trick you into drinking more than you ordinarily do.  It is indeed a great way to skip sugary sweet drinks and stay hydrated. Chances are, you’ve been doing this already but just didn’t think about it in such technical terms. Like when you go to a restaurant and ask to have lemon wedges in your glass of ice water? There!! You’re already doing it. I’m just here to make you do more and think about it more consciously. It’s been said on many fronts that infused water especially those made with cayenne pepper/ginger/cucumber/mint works great for weight loss and for burning tummy fat but frankly that’s not why I swear by it. As a matter of fact, looking at the many reasons why you should be drinking water like its going extinct, weight loss/tummy fat burn is just an added plus. I get asked a lot about the health benefits of infused water and the value in terms of nutrients and my answer is always the same – the main health benefit of infused water is HYDRATION, anything else is just jara.  And yes while you definitely gain value from the nutrients infused into the water, if what you want is to get the full nutritional value of those fruits and veggies then you should probably be juicing and/or making smoothies with them instead.

There are tons of brands of flavoured water being sold commercially in shops today but frankly I think its just a waste of money while probably drinking sneakily labeled fizzy drinks. Instead of buying those; why don’t you just make yours naturally, at no ridiculous cost and in the comfort of your own home? Sounds good?

Infused water is so easy to make by yourself, you just slice your preferred choice of fruits and veggies very thinly, add them into your pitcher of water and let it sit in the fridge for about 4 hours [overnight preferably].  Now if you drink bottled water in your home as we do at mine, you can just put your fruits/herbs/veggies into each bottle with the water and leave it in the fridge. For me, at some point, I found it cumbersome to stuff different bottles daily and when I don’t get the mix right, I usually would end up having different tasting water per each bottle and I didn’t like that. Because we have so many empty water bottles lying around at my home, I started making mine in a huge bowl and just straining into the bottles next day. What I do is, I boil a big pot of water (don’t use your normal soup pot, lest your water starts tasting like egusi) ha! Once boiled, I pour it into my container and let it cool. Once cool, I add the fruits/veggies/herbs and leave it overnight in the refrigerator.


Because of this, we are going through less cartons of bottled water per month. Hydrated and Prudent! Win!

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Typical categories of fruits/veggies used include –

  • Citrus – oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruit, clementine, Satsuma etc
  • Vegetables – cucumber, carrot, celery,
  • Herbs/spices – mint, ginger, rosemary, black pepper
  • Berries & tropical – strawberries, blueberries, mango, cherries, pineapple, pear, kiwi etc
  • Others – apple, peach, plum, peach etc

[This list is by no means exhaustive]

There are so many combinations for infused water, just as with cocktails; so choosing yours is a matter of preference really. Whatever fruit/veggie/spice combination you choose to add to your water is fine, as long as it makes you stay sipping; you’re good. My personal favourite for infusion is cucumber/ginger/mint and lemon. I tried pineapple, watermelon and apple once but didn’t like it much plus I worry that when fruits like that sit in water for too long; they may ferment especially with this epileptic power situation in Nigeria. NEPA can’t be trusted to keep your water tasting fresh. Plus, fermented fruits will totally ruin the taste of the water which in turn totally defeats the entire purpose of infused water in the first place.

Take care to not over keep infused water. I drink all of mine in a day and make a fresh batch every night, which I leave in the fridge till the next day. I think it goes without saying that you must wash your fruits/veggies/herbs thoroughly before you slice them up.

In my honest opinion, I think infused water made with fancy/expensive fruits such as strawberries/peaches/blueberries [for naija level] is a waste; just because these categories of fruits are harder to come by and thus more expensive.

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I stick to lemon/lime/mint/cucumber/ginger because they’re far easier and cheaper to access. I’d much rather make the fancy fruits into a yummy smoothie and get the full benefits of eating them plus my money’s worth. Yup! I’m always thinking about maximizing my pocket. But don’t let that deter you; the whole idea is for your water to taste the way you like, so if the fancy fruits is what does it for you, go for it.

Storing your infused water is pretty easy. I make mine in a huge mini bucket thingy which sits in the fridge overnight, then I pour it into empty swan/nestle water bottles and/or a jug for easy access. If I’m going out, I take the bottle, while at home; I strain from the pitcher/jug into a glass.

If you’re wondering about how much fruit/veggies/herbs should go into what quantity of water, you shouldn’t stress about ratios. Put as much or as little as you like, it’s about experimenting until you find the exact mix that your tastebuds love. My first infused water, I overdid it with the mint and could hardly drink it cos the mint overpowered everything else; over time I now know the exact quantity of mint that goes into my pitcher. So experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

Alternatively, you could just freeze your fruits with water in ice cube makers and when you’re ready to drink water, you just drop in a glass of regular water and drink up.

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Sidebar: I buy a huge bunch of mint that lasts at least 2 weeks for just N200 so why do cocktail makers in Abuja NEVER have mint in their mojitos? Matter of fact; do not ever order in mojito in this city, you’ll cry mint tears. Ha!

Will you be trying infused water? I sure hope so! Stay hydrated.