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Crotchet Vanity

Hello lovely people….. Long time no gist 😀

Yea, yea… i’m sorry. Life is happening pretty seriously right now hence my silence on here , make una no vex!!

I’ve been hearing about crotchet braids for a hot minute now and while I completely loved the idea of them, I never had the time/chance to try them out up until a few weeks ago. I saw these really beautifully done one on a gorgeous girl on my instagram feed and I knew I just had to have mine done too. A few co-ordinates later and we had an appointment booked…..

I love it!!!!!!!!!!


I used good ‘ol expression [which has the tendency to tangle alot] but I manage it well. You can use marley braids or human hair braid lines if you want, they’ll all work. It is so versatile and can be styled so many different ways – left/right part, high bun, all back, braided in a fishtail, any which way really and i’m completely loving it.  Seriously can’t get enough! I’ve taken over a million selfies with this hair and my vanity is at an all-time high, i’m not sorry 😛


I be looking at these pictures like…. Go forth and flourish ma nigga! *fistbump*

Another great thing about these braids is the fact that they’re crocheted onto already made cornrows/tracks as you would do when you’re fixing a weave so you can simply part them along those lines and clean with cotton wool & spirit after a workout. No sweaty/smelly hair even after an intense workout session…. Awesome!       

I’ve been kicking ass! Yes yes!

EDIT: After rocking these braids for a few week, I went back yesterday to get them re-curled and I just had to edit this post to add the new pictures…. JADORE!!!!!

IMG_6615.JPG IMG_6620.JPG IMG_6621.JPG IMG_6614.JPG


If you live in Abuja and want to get these braids done, I have the connect, simply send me a message on my twitter @GBTheBlog or use the contact me form on the top right of this page; i’ll hook you up!

The chic who did mine is happy to do yours if given some notice, so here’s her number

Pafuchi Hair – 09053016356

Have a lovely weekend guys XX



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Last Tuesday, my phone rang; it was my dear friend Shola… We chit-chatted about everything mundane as we usually do and as she’s about to end the call, she goes – “you should visit one of these days”; I just laugh and say okay, I’ll see about that. But then after the conversation ended, I thought about it a bit more and wondered, why ever not? Its Easter in a few days, a long weekend/holiday looms, I enjoy my visits to Lagos [infrequent as they are], I enjoy the downtime, I enjoy the change in scenery etc, so why not?! I didn’t need to be cajoled, sold! Couple of hours later, I had booked a flight and was ready to step. Lagos here I come.


Photo Credit: My brother. Gracious enough to indulge a vain sister but still serving me a side eye.

Once I knew what Easter was saying, I had to admit to myself that this would be a tough week/transition period fitness wise.  Because I’m mostly a homebody, I don’t have much temptation food-wise because I’ve cleaned out my house/fridge but how can I be in Lagos and not try everything I see? Eep me!

Matter of fact, I had to stop by Wuse 2 briefly to see a friend before I headed out and as we stood by Globacom office talking, the KFC building directly opposite was like “Hey S… long time no see, why you play me like this? We used to be tight” And I didn’t want to be rude so I obliged an old friend. I got in there like “Hey guuuuuuuurl… How you doing? Can I get a 2 piece original with fries and a DIET PEPSI?”…. That pretty much set the tone/pace for my entire Easter weekend. I CHOP!!!!!!!! You’re laughing at yourself okay. 😛

Delays to be accounted for [per usual], I got into Lagos a whole 5 hours later than expected and my tired oily face says it all… Still cute though 😉


When I tell you I hit the ground running, I truly did. Inspiro Galeria hooked me up, fitfam be damned! Yum!

Wait! Have I told you guys about Inspiro Galeria? No?… Alright. Listen!!!!!! This quaint galleria is a real gem; a one stop spot for the guy/girl wey sabi ha ha.


There’s an art section where you can browse and buy some aesthetically amazing art pieces


There’s also a gift section which carries some of the most beautiful gift ideas ever – candles, unique home decor, fragrances, books, beddings, mugs etc. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, there’s someone on hand to walk you through different options. You’re guaranteed to find something your loved ones will appreciate.

IMG_4180.PNG IMG_4178.PNG IMG_4179.PNG

Inspiro also has a cafe which serves mouth watering meals, drinks and cocktails. Best mojitos ever! My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures all over again. Yummmmmmmmmm!!!

IMG_4183.PNG IMG_4175.PNG IMG_4176.PNG IMG_4182.PNG IMG_3964.JPG IMG_4174.PNG

So basically, you [and your friends/loved ones] can come to Inspiro, have a nice meal with drinks while browsing art and gift options. What’s not to love? Very convenient too. Little wonder it is a hit for intimate birthdays, dinners and different events, simply call – 08069072963/08170105105/08060805404 for reservations or inquiries. Inspiro galleria is open monday-saturdays at 9am-10pm[can be flexible on request]. It is located at No.1 Joseph Nahman Close, Off Karimu Kotun. Victoria Island, Lagos. You can also browse and follow their social media pages – Twitter: @InspiroGaleria ; Instagram: inspiro_galeria.  If you’re visiting, remember to say I tipped you, who knows, a nice discount may just be yours 😀


I managed to workout twice while I was in Lagos but i’m pretty sure all the stuff I ate cancelled it out. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I misbehaved. Just look at some of my choices…. But is there fitfam in heaven? This life that we are living, ees only one *Mama Peace voice* iChop!



**Abuja…. You need a sushi bar, why you dey slack so badly? hiss**

Besides stuffing my face, the rest of my trip was spent doing my waka waka rounds, seeing everyone I planned to see and taking endless selfies/pictures while at it. Y’all know i’m vain… Not sorry 😛


Anyways, I’m back to normal programming now and while Lagos was plenty fun, I’m so happy to be back to my life. My bed. My routine. Lagos can take a toll on one, everything is so damn fast and I find that many of the interactions/people can be quite bougie. I like that we tend to take things easy here in the Buj, definitely more my vibe. I never want to have to live in Lagos permanently.

I’ve juiced two bottles of orange juice, made a mango/greek yoghurt smoothie and re-stocked the fridge with veggies. Then I had this for dinner yesterday, in atonement for all my sins of gluttony. Dear god of fitfam, please receive your humble servant back in the fold.  We’re back in business!

Gubernatorial elections are here – Saturday, in light of which you may find some of the stuff in here helpful. Please stay safe out there guys.

So how did you spend your Easter holiday? Gimme gist 😀

Peace and love.

Cheers xx



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Vanity….. My favorite sin

I love weaves. It’s my favorite hairstyle/look. It flatters my face beautifully and I’m totally aware of this fact *cough*no modesty*cough*. 

But between fighting the elements, the extremely hot weather and my latest obsession with fitfam, I just haven’t had a weave done in forever and I missed it. I pride myself on my practicality and so I knew that it just wasn’t feasible to be carrying around a full head of gone-with-the-wind-fabulous hair but sometimes common sense is so boring. Nothing like a good day to wake up and just make those “just for the heck of it” choices. Like stuffing your face with everything bad, refusing to exercise, swearing/cussing  at everything for no apparent reason etc. Just fuck shit up!!!!…. For no damn reason!

Anyways…. Hair! I missed my mami water tresses. I missed being cute. I missed twirling my hair with my fingers while pretending to be coy as a young hottie chats me up, yes. I missed it so much that I woke up today defiant like fuck this, I’m getting mine. Practicality and fitfam be damned. 

And it was worth it……. Just negodu. 

                                                           Who’s that guuuuuuuuuuuuuurl… na na na na *meow*.

Fleek! Fleeker! Fleekest!!!! I swear I looked at this selfie after i’d taken it like, na me be this? FUCK IT UP!!!! Baddie!!!

I walked out of that salon like …. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, KINDLY MAKE WAY FOR THE ONE AND ONLY GORGEOUS BROWNSKIN; she approaches! *applause* Then I proceeded to float; no glide, sorry waltz around the streets of Wuse 2 in no damn hurry to be no damn place! And the approving stares I got were like opium, I was high on my own damn self. Winner!

 The ever present pout? Gotta thank my mama’s papa for passing it on to my mum who passed it on to me and now I can bewitch the boys *passes offering basket*.Thanks Grandpa.

I do not know why I look like Rihanna + Tyra Banks’ lovechild with the “opon” in this 3rd picture but I swear to you guys on tapioca and kose [shoutout to Hauwa’s cook], that I do not have a forehead the size of the staples centre. Must be the angle. And i don’t joke with my tapioca so you know i’m not even playing.

PS: Can i just say, thank you Nigerian men for registering your blatant appreciation when you see a FINE ASS GURL walk by *flicks hurr* Y’all are the best! Kisses for all of you :*

Your’s in unapologetic vanity…