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Monday randomness

I haven’t updated this blog in exactly a week!! *gasp*

I’m one of those people who roll my eyes whenever I’m on a blog and the owner is apologizing for being away/too busy/whatever else to post new content; only to inevitably disappear again. I mean, what’s the point? You know you’re going to disappear again so…… Ha ha.

I don’t want that to become the story of me and this blog – going off, coming back, apologizing, and inevitably going off again – No! Let’s not do that here! I promised not to allow myself become a slave to this though, in that I’d be feeling bad/guilty when I haven’t updated. I love to talk/share, it’s the reason I even thought to start this journey in the first place, so trust me, if I have stuff to share, I will; but I also have days when I don’t utter a word to nobody at all. It’s just life. Sometimes, the inspiration is just not there and you’re sort of moping through the day and those days are all a major/legitimate part of my story so….. Anyways, if you ever refresh this page and nothing new pops up, it’s just for the simple fact that I have nothing new to share. When I do have though, you sef go know – 3 posts per day on some days, nothing at all on other days. I have no schedule; I just want this to be as organic as possible.

Thank you.


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. And social media was agog with the “my mum is the best” type epistles; all good. My Facebook/twitter/instagram feeds were popping with pictures of mums looking like sisters/girlfriends and it was all very lovely. But as with every year on the Nigerian side of the interwebs this happens [this tweet sums it up perfectly]

FullSizeRender (1)

I literally guffawed when I saw it because it was spot on!

“ahn ahn, how many mother’s days are there in year?”, “ehn, Mothers are the best, they deserve all the love every day of the year sef”, “What about single fathers who hold it down” “If it’s paining you that people are posting about Mother’s day, log out, it’s not our fault if your mother is horrible”

Hahahahahahahhaahahaha. Gosh gotta love us.

Personally, I think it’s great that we appreciate our mums and all but if your mum isn’t on any of these social networks and/or isn’t following you, I hope that after you’re done waxing lyrical on the internet, you’d actually remember to pick up the phone and call her and tell her all those lovely things. And maybe send her a lovely present if you can. If not…… Scoreline: 0

My mum is not on any social media network so I rang her; but my sister is and I made sure to celebrate her with posts on all my social media pages because she will actually see it, and I also called her. It is her very first mother’s day and she didn’t even know it was mother’s day. Typical.  My sister is the baby of the family and therefore has all that typical last born behavior but motherhood is really changing her and it’s just amazing to see her growth now as someone’s mummy.  I’m so thankful to her for giving us Iveren, my beautiful niece. Iveren is such a happy baby, always laughing and playing, no fuss at all.  Just look at! Too precious!

IMG_3214 IMG_0444image4

IMG_9236 IMG_0466image3 IMG_1143 IMG_3032    Have you seen anything more colorful? Ugh!! I’m obsessed!!!

Happy mother’s day to my mum, my sister and to all the mums out there. You guys are super heroes and I pray God empowers you daily to continue being awesome.


Do you watch/follow House of cards? [ATTENTION: This part may/may not contain spoilers]

IMG_3286**You can’t turn a no into a yes without a maybe in between**

I’m not even sure what constitutes spoilers these days as people are so sensitive, lol. I think that there should be a statute of limitation for spoiler vexing, like if you’re an avid follower of a show and an episode has aired, you lose the right to shout woe after one week of its debut. #MyRules

You can be talking about a show that aired like one year ago and somebody will scream spoiler! I usually reply with LOSER! Ha ha. Gerrout. Also, what exactly is a spoiler? If I’m not letting in on a significant plotline, why oh why are you in my ears vexing? It’s almost like these days, just a mere mention of the name of the series/movie will inevitably have someone shouting SPOLIER at you. Let’s all relax.

Anyways, here’s my House of Cards Season 3 review in 2 words – IT DRAGS!!!

This season should be named the Doug Stamper Show, TF?! I was so bored! I watched the entire seasons 1 & 2 in a day and it served from the very first episode! With Season 3 though, I’d sometimes pause it mid episode to sleep. Yes, that bad!!! However I managed to hang in there and by episode 9 into 10 it starts to pick up momentum. I’d tell you this, the only reason I stuck with it till that far into the season was purely for old time’s sake. Like I wasn’t gon’ fall my nigga Frank’s hand; his deliciously devious self deserves better. But I’m telling them not to try this nonsense with Season 4 abeg, I got things to do!

This season though, Petrov is the real MVP. Dude is one rude muthafucker in his funny way of speaking even when he’s being serious. And he’s so shady. The real slim shady. The McDaddy of Shade School.


Can we talk about Claire Underwood real quick? Ice Queen! I do not feel any atom of sympathy for her, it’s too late in the game to start trying to renegotiate dynamics. The train done left the station. Sorry ma’am! You made that bed, you gon’ lie in it whether it’s too warm or not. Madam First lady knew exactly what she signed up for with Mr. I-Shit-On-Your-Head, ergo, she’s lost the right to start trying to act fresh all of a sudden. I was so annoyed by her antics, Ice Queen started melting, wo! Stay out of the kitchen if it’s too hot but don’t interrupt the chef.

One thing though – Claire’s fashunz is too bunz! She’s a beautiful woman, epitomizes grace, and oozes class and elegance. She walks like she’s gliding… and she’s aging so well. just beautiful!




That scene in the women’s bathroom though? WOW!!!!!

I found myself getting quite intrigued by Meechum; even though he barely said four words all season. I feel like he’ll probably get a bigger part as the show progresses. I cared none for Tom Yates, his intentions seemed off to me from the jump and I generally don’t like people who try to psycho-analyse everyone and everything. Plus he’s a sour loser and he put those ideas into Claire’s head so… bye!

I have no doubt in my mind that the devil’s spawn – Frank J Underwood – will swing this minor setback like a pro and bounce back stronger. In Frank we trust. #OneNationUnderwood





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Let’s play favourites

Since the beginning of this year thanks to the January fasting in church and my 2 weeks juice cleanse this February, I have had ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of fruits and vegetables. I’m not one of those people who can’t eat the same thing after a protracted period of time and I actually really enjoy eating fruits so much that I can eat them every day whether or not I am on a diet. I don’t know whether this has anything to do with the fact that I am from Benue State – the food basket of the nation – where fruits are so cheap and always in season; but I’m glad either way.

Of course, we all know the benefits that come with eating fruits and vegetables but thanks to individual palates, I realize that overtime, different people develop a preference for certain fruits/veggies over and above the love for others. Take my mum for instance; she loves pawpaw, it’s her favourite fruit. But she doesn’t like overly ripe and soggy pawpaw, she prefers it half ripe and crunchy. I’m the total opposite. If pawpaw is not gooey and melting in my mouth, I don’t want it. But I hate to peel pawpaw because I find the seeds irritating, I don’t know why.

In veggie land, I don’t like celery at all. It feels like I’m eating stalk. And even for all the great PR this veggie receives as one those negative-calorie foods, I still pass up on it if I have an option. If I must eat celery, I’d have it diced into peppersoup or broth, then I can try, but even then… I still find myself pushing it around my plate. Lol

What about Cilantro? That pungent smell reminds me of mamak stalls in Malaysia and ugh! Tummy churns* Is it just me? Sometimes, cilantro and cucumbers smell like roaches [don’t ask me how I know what roaches smell like] * barfs*

But I do have my favourites.


This is my all-time favourite fruit. Forever and ever.

It has been highlighted as one of the world’s healthiest foods. It is an excellent source of vitamin C which is packed with antioxidants and great for the immune system. It helps lower cholesterol, prevents kidney stones & colon cancer and my personal fav – works magic on the skin; amongst many other benefits. Basically, it packs a Mike Tyson punch.

However, in addition to its many health benefits, I personally think pink grapefruit is the most aesthetically beautiful fruit ever. It is so big, and pink, and juicy and beautiful. I was talking about it on twitter the other night and my girl Shirley comments that it looks like a big wet juicy *wait for it*.….. vagina! Oh my days! I laughed and laughed but I sort of see her point. I mean, just look….. I love it! Little wonder some of my favourite beauty cant-live-without-them products are pink grapefruit infused – such as the neutrogena facewash  and bodyshop bathgel.

IMG_2521 h IMG_2463                                          c26-B002BWOY3Y-pinkline sc-pink-grapefruit

(photo credit:


This powerhouse belongs to the spinach and chard family and both its root & leaves can be eaten. Beetroot helps stimulate liver detoxification, reduces blood pressure, fights cancer, lowers cholesterol and aids against constipation. It also fights dementia and improves brain function, helps runners & athlete performance and works magic for skin conditions. Beets can be boiled, grilled, roasted, eaten as a salad, juiced etc.

Some people don’t like the earthy taste/smell of beets but that’s the exact reason I love it. It reminds me of the smell on the first day of rain after a dusty harmattan season. It also reminds me of that muddy clayey stone people eat, the Igbos call it “unzu” (don’t know the name in English). And that strong rich red/purple colour is just…. beautiful.

If beets were humans, they’ll be that attention seeking friend we all love to hate but deep down we secretly admire and are jealous of because of their ability to work a room so easily.  Beet comes late, get in there and demands to be noticed. Demands undivided attention! Demands dominance! And beet gets it! Beet is unapologetically bold and quite the showoff and we hate her guts; but we know there are so many perks & benefits of befriending her so we have no choice but to do so. She doesn’t let her size deter her. Ha ha!

The other day, I made a smoothie that had 800ml of other fruits and added just about 100ml of beet to it and the beet completely took over the colour & taste. I also made a beet salad and as expected, it completely took over. Like I said….. quite the showoff!!!!

PS: I read about a phenomenon called “BEETURIA”; which happens when you’ve had too much beets. It changes the colour of your pee and/or poop into a redish/pinkish/orangish colour.  I’m dying to see red in my porcelain throne because…. curious cat!!! You already know I will share that picture with the world. Count on it! 😀

IMG_2522     IMG_2430    IMG_2431                                             IMG_2443             IMG_2453




I love lettuce. It goes so well with everthing – salads, sandwiches, chasing witches in your dreams etc. lol. Lettuce is high in water volume – 90% water and extremely low in calories. It is rich in vitamins and ranked No.7 on the list of Powerhouse foods in 2014 as rated by the CDC. Eating lettuce significantly reduces the risk of a heart attack, stroke and lowers high BP.

One quick tip for lettuce – when your lettuce becomes limp & dull, soaking it in ice cold water for about 10 minutes will revive it and make it crispy again.

bh        kh               IMG_2213

There you have it; my favourite fruits and veggies. What are yours? Share below