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Domestic Goddess

So I woke up in full domestic goddess mode yesterday and let me tell you, when that spirit takes over, magic happens. It’s funny how I can live on microwaved oats and pureed veggies/fruits for weeks because I’m not in the mood to cook then on other days, I go the whole nine yards with all the frills like it’s nothing.

It started Thursday when I finally dragged myself out of my room, threw on some clothes and tricked my brother into driving me everywhere I needed to go – Cucumber & Spinach from Exclusive, chicken & eggs from Anadariya, yoghurt & fruits from games village and everything else from Area 2? [skipped Shoprite] – Is it weird that I shop like that? Like I never just enter one place and buy everything I need, much to my brother’s annoyance. It’s just that overtime, I know for sure where I can get a better deal/quality for everything I need [especially fruits & veggies] and because I am very particular, it means that on stock-up days, I end up going to at least 5 different places to buy accordingly [shout out to my brother who hates the circling but has no choice]. I had been feening for a tropical salad and grilled chicken so I set to prepping while waiting for my frozen chicken to thaw.

Can I just say, I crack myself up a lot, like I actually find myself laughing a lot when I’m by myself thanks to the voices in my head and my hyperactive imagination. While unpacking my stash, I unwrapped this monster cucumber and I couldn’t help but post to my social media.

Of cos I got the boys riled up when I asked “Does this cucumber intimidate you?” LMAO [Shout out to Zim for the monster cucumber she DM’d me]; A MESS!! Hahahaha

An hour had gone by at this point and NEPA was still out which meant I couldn’t use the microwave to defrost the chicken; it still hadn’t thawed. I started forcing the chicken to let me work it but baby girl just won’t budge!! She locked her thick thighs so tight; just look at this…..

And I just couldn’t help myself yet again so I posted it to my social media pages like why is this chicken playing hard to get? I’ve been trying to get her to open her legs for over an hour but she’s just not having it. Perhaps she’s nun chicken in chickendom? Maybe raised in a convent? And I know damn well it’s a she chicken because no boy/man [especially not in the chicken world] needs to be convinced to open his legs, let alone for an entire hour, okay?! We kuku know what cocks get up to! Ha [the puns just won’t stop]! I got some hilarious responses..…


I was cracking up so bad.

Anyways, when she finally let me in [no pun], I cut out the pieces I needed, washed and left them in a colander to drain excess water, then I spiced it up and left it sitting overnight in the refrigerator to marinate.

The marinate spice is made of  – pepper, garlic, thyme, garlic salt, black pepper, knorr maggi and salt.

Lest I forget, let me say; I’m always so happy when my common sense kicks in and aids in my quest to be more frugal. I went to Anadariya with the intention of buying chicken cutlets – breasts and thighs – but then I got there and found that a pack of chicken breasts which contained 6 breast pieces cost about N1150 and the thighs were about N980 for 4 pieces, but a full chicken as pictured above cost about N1250. So what did I do? I fashied the cutlets and instead bought TWO FULL chickens from which I was able to get 4 full thighs(with 4 drumsticks) and 8 pieces of chicken breasts; the extra parts of the chicken that were left but I didn’t really need for my grill recipe have been used to make me a yummy pot of chicken stew. …. All for the bargain price of just N2500 [difference of just N370]. I felt pretty good with myself for my quick thinking. Dear husband, I’m ready to run a home 😀

By noon of yesterday, my marinated chicken bits were ready to be grilled and that’s exactly what I did – whipped out my trusty Tfal skillet, oiled it lightly with some olive oil and went to town.


Less than 10mins in and my entire house was transformed into everything you love about summer [you fancy folk].

 IMG_6573.JPG IMG_6576.JPG IMG_6579.JPG

Funny Story: I bought that Tfal skillet from Target last time I was in Chicago. As it’s always the case when you enter a Target, I didn’t go there looking to buy a skillet, but there was a flash sale and the cheapskate in me couldn’t help myself. I was leaving the next day and as I packed, it dawned on me that I hadn’t thought this through… how am I going to bring this thing back to Abuja? So you know what I did? I chucked it into my carry-on bag – a large LV Neverfull – and spent the entire trip getting weird looks from people. I’m sure the fact that there was an obvious pan handle sticking out of a Louis Vuitton handbag added to the confusion because I’m guessing people would expect the owner of said bag to be a bit more “babe-ish” right? Imagine getting to the TSA line [and every other security check point] and pulling a skillet out of your handbag because metal, or getting up mid-flight to remove a book from your handbag in the overhead stow but there’s no way to do that without bringing the skillet out first. Yup! I was THAT NIGERIAN on the flight but my unlooking game was on 100. And listen; since I was flying Air France, we had a lay-over in Paris so I’m basically that stereotypical black person walking around Charles De-Gaulle carrying questionable shit.…. IN THE MOST ROMANTIC CITY IN THE WORLD. I reckon that’s why nobody toasted me that entire trip *tears* In hindsight, I should have wrapped it up or something but I’m sure the handle would still have given me away. But you know what? Today, with this mouthwatering picture and the tasty turnout of my chicken, this skillet has redeemed itself for the shame I chopped for it. Cool story over. LOL

Following my “she won’t open her legs” joke, yesterday, I posted a photo of my ready-to-eat juicy grilled chicken and obviously some of you were still in the mood for naughty jokes: 

It did indeed! And that’s a lesson in patience for us all. But you lot are enablers of bad behavior! Y’all got jokes!

Anyways, that done, I set on to my tropical salad – finely chopped and thoroughly mixed together.

What you need: Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber, Sweet Corn, Mango, Tomatoes, Grilled Chicken     

I used a simple dressing – a quick mix of lemon juice, unsweetened yogurt and honey.


Then I made jollof rice.

I served my tropical salad in a bed of lettuce, with grilled chicken and a drizzle of my homemade dressing. Yummers!

Don’t tell anyone but after taking pretty pictures, I went and added Jollof rice to my plate because……. Gerrarahia mehn! LOL

The rest of my boozy saturday will be spent doing just that… Boozing. Domestic Goddess….. out!

How are you guys doing? Hope you’re having a lovely weekend?

Besos xx