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New Year

New Year

Happy New Year….

Hi Guys…

I just looked at my calendar this morning and it is the 31st day of January 2017. Woah! And because my last post was sometime in December of last year, I realized I hadn’t officially wished you guys the best year on here. I’m sorry.


Honestly, last year was such a shit year for me [and for most people] that I’m sure we were all glad to see it go, like bye! 2016 is that year we’d be telling our children about years later and it’ll sound like an exaggeration, except it really isn’t. So if you made it through that shit storm and you’re still alive and kicking, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Truly.

  Although when you turn on the news, it seems like 2017 is the continuation of the evil of 2016; I mean, Trump is POTUS and the news headlines read like a bad horror movie and over here at home, the recession is still kicking our behinds but i’m not fazed.  I’m personally very optimistic about 2017, I feel like mentally, I’m in the right head space and so it’s only a matter of time before everything else falls into place accordingly.

I started a new job… yay!

Double yay!

So yea, my 2017 is off to a great start and I pray it’ll be same for you guys.

Resolutions? Frankly, I just want to be happy and that means living in the moment and living intentionally. That’s all!

Do you have any? Share with me, let’s laugh at the futility together.. haha

Have an amazing 2017 guys…

Mwwwwaaahhhh xxx