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Yesterday, at about 11am, I received one of those “we regret” emails and I just shut down mentally because I AM SPENT! See, I’ve gotten used to these emails and I try to not let them affect my day but this particular one really upset me because it was a job I really wanted plus I had made it to the 4th and final stage of the recruitment process before getting cut. I had put in the work, studied all night, prayed, hoped, worried, fussed! I remember there was a time they even sent me a 35 paged document at 11pm to study for a test that was happening the next day at 10am; expectedly, I had to pull an all-nighter. And I did.

IMG_8573.JPG IMG_8572.JPG


Look how many tabs were open! Instant Brain freeze!

It’s particularly upsetting because after waiting so long and not hearing back, I had to email to follow up and the recruitment person replied me almost immediately like – oh, sorry we forget to tell you but we’ve made the decision to go with the other guy and we wish you luck –  Like really? I don’t expect for a recruiter to keep everybody informed at the initial stage of the process but I think if someone makes it to the 4th/final stages then surely it’s been narrowed down to a number that they can conveniently email once the decision has been made, No? I nearly shot back a “God punish you” type email; I was so mad. Of course I didn’t, because –professional – but I wanted to be petty so bad.  I was quite sad. You have to wonder what the conversations are like when these recruiters are making the decision on who to cut or who stays and what else you could have done to better your chances. I try not to take it personal but it’s very much a rejection and it hurts just as much as any other.

There is a problem with a system where you have THREE prestigious degrees yet you have to grovel and toil and sweat [and still fail] to secure a decent job. I hate that getting a job in this country is less about your qualification/smarts and more about who knows who. It’s just wrong.

In the past year, I’ve applied for so many different jobs so many times that sometimes when I get a call-back, I have to go back so far into my sent folder to refresh my head like “which one is this?” LOL.  I kid you guys not, I’ve blabbed through an entire 4 minute phone conversation while wondering –which job is this? – Because I didn’t even remember applying for it, there’ve been that many. Why do they take so long to get back?

In my anger yesterday, I thought – FUCK THIS! I deleted everything I’d gathered on them thus far, deleted our email thread, tore all the study notes and threw away the stupid documents. I wasn’t done; I then unsubscribed from all the job search portals and basically said FUCK IT ALL. I even had a moment where I thought – perhaps the 9-5 life is not meant for me – and I just need to find a rich man to come and marry me and let me become his problem. I damn near threw my phone against a wall but I quickly realized there are levels to madness. LMAO

Anyways, so I woke up today feeling less shitty and ready to resume the grind; one shitty day doesn’t mean we stop right? So I thought – have I truly exhausted all the mediums available to me? Maybe not! The success of a job search is fundamentally about casting your net as far and wide as you possibly can, it’s about networking, it’s about putting the word out and letting everybody know and so where better to do so than on my blog? There’s no telling who knows someone who knows someone who knows another someone who is reading this and maybe knows about an opening right? So this is me putting this out there – I AM JOB HUNTING!

Qualifications: MBA, BA (Hons) Int’l Business Admin and BA. International Business

Preferred Industry: Open

Experience: 2 years post MBA.

Location: Open [Within reason]

Training: Employability Certification

Skillset: Proficient in Microsoft Office Package, Research Methods  & Computer literacy

That’s me in a nutshell so please if you have any info and want to share, please use the contact me form on the top of this page or email me at Thank you in advance 😀

Hire me. You know I am smart 😀

Cheers xx