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Wedding Guest Glam

So, your’s truly was a wedding guest over the weekend and decided to do her own makeup. By Herself.

I had to choose between a bold smoky eye/nude lips or simple eyes/red lips. Because it was an evening wedding and I’ve rocked many a red lip recently, the smoky eye look won. Countless youtube tutorials later, I said a little prayer to the makeup gods to be merciful [seeing as a smoky eye is one of the trickiest] and I set to it.

Whooooooooooo’s that guuuuuuuuuuurl

Even I had to pat myself on the back like woah! I mean, look at the perfection of that eye. Not one stroke out of place.

I wasn’t wearing falsies with this look because I just don’t know how to put them on myself. No matter how hard I try, I always end up tearing up so much that it ruins my makeup. So instead of bothering, I simply made my mascara prove its worth by applying 3 coats – one minute intervals in between.

 **warning – selfie overload**

By the time I finished my contour, I was like wuuuuuuuuuu….. Hello cheek bones! Slasher Fierce. Lol

Nothing gets you that perfect selfie like when you find your light. Lighting is everything.

And then I let my hair down………….   


Worked out perfectly and I was happy with what I created. Do you like?

Perhaps it’s time to add MUA to my resume… lol

Have a great week ahead guys

Besos xx




Contour Chic

My name is Seember and I love makeup.

When I’m home alone with nothing much going on, I enjoy practicing different makeup looks and trends to see what suits me and what doesn’t. However, as much as I enjoy a full face-beat; in general, my everyday look is a variation of these two looks below – barely there/minimal, brows and a nude lip/gloss.


I’m not sure what my natural face shape is but I do know that I have really full cheeks; even when I’m losing weight the cheeks just don’t budge. The picture below was taken at my best weight this year but see as e be like I’m hiding puff puff in my cheeks no? #MeanMugging lol

So what have I been learning lately? The art of contour!  It’s not like I’m only just finding out about the wonders of contouring; I knew even before that my makeup always looked better with a little contouring but laziness no gree me because, honestly, contouring requires a lot of patience and I just didn’t have much to spare.  Infact, in my bid to skip contouring [even though I clearly need it], I started learning Strobing – which to me is just reverse contouring.  First time I attempted to strobe, I went out feeling very happy with myself……

…….Until I saw this photo of myself – FLASH! #RacoonChic #NoBueno

I tried it again recently and when a friend of mine saw it, he said I looked like I was caught stealing *tears* and that I’m Coke & Fanta *more tears* Why are boys so mean? Mission Abort!

So seeing as I clearly can’t escape it, I’m back to contour! I’ve been practicing. A LOT. With the help of many a Youtube tutorial [cries in zapped data], I finally got the chance to debut my newly acquired skills on Saturday. It was my friend Achike’s birthday and I was quite excited to dress up and go party it up!

WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT! Face-beat by Moi for Moi.


Even the profile shots show that I DID THAT! Okay? :p

We partied it up till about 4am [haven’t done that in a long time]. I got home at about 5am and didn’t want to wash my face because everything was STILL intact and popping. Pats self*

I put some of these photos on my Facebook and one of my family-friends called me to ask what I did to my nose LOL. I love these photos so much that I made one my screensaver….. yea, I’m vain. No more Cookie Lyon and her breastices :p


It just keeps getting better, I had to come back and add these from yesterday…..

IMG_8644.JPG IMG_8654.JPG


I am one happy contouring camper! And i’m so happy with the general state of my skin/face currently. Winning!

PS: Countless youtube tutorials after, I’m still failing at the winged eyeliner trick. Somebody epp meeee…




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How I managed to get my Acne under control 

As a teenager, I had the clearest, smoothest skin/face even with a barely there/minimal skincare regimen. I could use basic drugstore products and not breakout in a mess and was generally fresh-faced.

The picture above was taken a day before my 18th birthday, I’m not wearing foundation, just white powder [which was my staple at the time].  The horribly thin eyebrows are a dead give-away and I don’t know what that open mouth pose was about. LOL.

So imagine my horror when in my mid 20s I noticed that my usual “Aunty flo is in town” – one zit a month face had become a full jawline of what felt like a carpenter’s sandpaper and grew increasingly worse by the day. All of a sudden, I was constantly covered in zits and would react to everything. Stress! Having acne as a teenager is normal with all that hormone surge, but when you’ve crossed the dainty age and the acne hasn’t cleared; it has instead gotten even worse, then you have what is called Adult Acne and that is an entirely different kettle of stress. However, be it teenage or adult type, acne is stressful condition to deal with especially for females. It’s on THE FACE!! That’s the first thing people notice and it can make for some very uncomfortable/awkward conversations that even though may be well-meaning, leave you feeling like you should just go home and never show your face in public. It is especially embarrassing because some people wrongly assume that having acne is a sign of poor hygiene. Not true.

Acne typically forms either as black or whiteheads which then get inflamed, filled with pus and usually leave spots and scarring. It is mostly seen on the face, back and chest [all three for people who have it really bad]. There are several causes for acne but the most common are – hormones , stress, skin sensitivity, food/diet and sadly hereditary. Some people are just genetically pre-disposed to having acne. Good news though, whatever the cause, acne can be treated and helped.

In general, I obsess about anything that’s out of place on my body; my face even more; so you can only imagine me having zits the size of a mini black eyed pea. It was so bad that I didn’t like going out and would constantly cancel plans because of breakouts which would pop up in crazy numbers overnight. The more I obsessed, the worse it got. I did everything to make it go away. LISTEN! I TRIED EVERYTHING; from normal topical creams that made my bathroom counter top & bedroom vanity table look like a mini pharmacy; to the fancy/expensive holy grail stuff, to the downright bizarre – rubbing alum on my face and cleaning with my first morning pee – Yea! I even got glycolic peel treatments that cost me about the price of a couple decent designer handbags so I’m pretty sure I would have sniffed dry goat shit if anyone suggested it.  I was THAT desperate. But the more I tried different stuff, the worse it got.

Let me mention that my typical day started by ordering McD breakfast at 4am and pizza at bedtime. In-between that; I’d walk around the mall eating cheesy hotdogs & pretzels, ice-cream, big apple frosty doughtnuts and be sure to bring back some for those midnight cravings. I always had a pack of snickers in my bedroom and all kinds of fizzy drinks to wash it down.  Then to worsen matters, I lived in an apartment block that had a food court behind it so Pakistani biryani and spicy beef was literally a 2 minute walk ANYTIME; not forgetting the cheese naan served with condensed milk. Ugh! Self-control was rubbish. Life in Malaysia was ridiculous I must say, good thing I moved but alas! the damage had been done already.

In general, Nigerians don’t think acne is something to go the doctor over [at least not in my circle] so I didn’t think to seek professional help at the initial point. However, as the acne progressed from tiny sandpaper whiteheads to humongous boils that hurt so much it was a pain to wash my face, I decided to go see a doctor.



Luckily at this point, I lived in England and so NHS was a life saver; I made proper use of it. At my first consult, from seeing my face, the doctor was shocked I had waited that long to come see them and immediately put me on the strongest dose of a combination of antibiotics – Lymecycline and Co-cyprindol which I ended up being on for about 3 years. The doctor also asked that I change my pillow cases every 3 days and never wipe my face with my bath towel [I use disposable wipes/paper towels after a wash/bath till this day]. The acne cleared almost immediately but even then, I knew it was too good to be true. It was too fast!

This pic was taken a month after I commenced medication

As anyone would tell you; 3 years is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long a time to be on any antibiotics treatment, let alone one THAT strong but I was desperate and scared that the acne would return if I stopped. And it did when I moved back to Nigeria and couldn’t access my meds as easily.  I’d get the random help here and there when I could but on the whole, lymecycline & co-cyprindol aren’t available in Nigeria so I had to come to terms with the fact that the acne was indeed going to resurface. Even though I had temporary respite, I knew that it was a temporal solution because will I be on antibiotics for the rest of my life?  It didn’t disappoint. After about 8 months of being back in Nigeria, the acne started showing up, slowly at first until I was back to pre-treatment stage PLUS jara. Just look –

IMG_1247 My desperation hit an all-time high and I got pure retinol which I used as a cleanser. It peeled my face and made people ask me if I had started bleaching [and if yes, why wasn’t I bleaching the rest of my body] lol…. So I was forced to stop. I was truly miserable.

IMG_7717.JPG IMG_7718.JPG

Because I had no other choice at this point, I was forced to start doing some research and reading up on alternatives to acne treatments and the one thing kept being re-iterated and mentioned repeatedly – THE IMPORTANCE OF A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, DIET AND EXERCISE – I think that deep down, I already knew this was a major factor but had been lazy and would rather choose the easier way out of popping meds while I stuff my face with bad food and make some generally unhealthy choices. However, I had noticed that whenever I was juicing and maintaining a sensible exercise and diet regimen, my breakouts would be less aggressive and the spots would clear out faster.  I had to finally tell myself the truth – my severe case of adult acne had a lot to do with years of an unhealthy lifestyle, ergo, change was necessary. Now in the course of my research, I see some opinions that one’s choice of foods/lifestyle doesn’t have much to do with acne but I am a living proof that IT DOES! Why do you think some people eat roasted groundnuts or dairy products and wake up the next day with breakouts? In less than 24 hours? I am of the opinion that while topical products can help mild sporadic acne, chronic acne can only be treated from the inside out.

Now you may ask that if it was about my unhealthy lifestyle and diet, why didn’t I breakout in my teens & early 20s when I was at the time still eating horribly? I reckon this is because as one gets older, your body will force you to take note of and change certain things you could have gotten away with prior whether you like it or not and this was mine. So I set to work, CONSCIOUSLY.


  • I work out at least 4 times a week – run, T25, rope skips, zumba etc. anything to break a sweat works. Sweating opens up your pores and the benefits are endless. A 10-30 minutes workout for at least 4 times a week will do your body/system so much good.
  • I’ve become a conscious eater. This doesn’t mean I now swallow air and drink water lol, I’ve just included a lot more fruits, veggies and fibre into my diet. I still have days when I decide to be badly behaved but they’ve become treats [and I try to make up with extra workout time]. See what I got up to just yesterday, I’m no saint. IMG_7687.JPG IMG_7689.JPG
  • I have cut out refined sugar completely. Honey is now my got-to sweetener.
  • I’ve really up’d my water intake. I never really had problems drinking water so this was easy; I even went steps further by doing more of infused water as often as I can. Try it.
  • I have cut out all the frills with my previous complicated skincare regimen. In the past, I’d use so many products before and after a bath that my poor face will just dry out and breakout from too much. Now, I only use TWO products – my bodyshop tea tree range and Soap & Glory scrubs. When I’ve run out, I make do with Neutrogena pink grapefruit wash but I’m sure to always revert to my tea tree bodyshop wash.
  • IMG_8887.PNGc26-B002BWOY3Y-pinklinedownload
  • I wash my face only twice a day with warm water and tea tree face wash. I don’t use anything else on my face.
  • I don’t clean my face with my bath/body towel; I only clean it with disposable wipes or paper napkins. Never to be repeated. I also change my pillow cases every 3 days, whether or not I’m also changing my sheets. My first dermatologist gave me this tip because apparently, pillowcases & towels are prime spots for bacteria transfer.
  • I still struggle with not picking my face but I’m truly better with it nowadays. This is a terrible habit to have if you’re battling acne. Anyone who’s dealt with acne will tell you how hard it is to NOT touch your face. One day at a time.
  • Aloe vera, cucumber and an ice pack are great for soothing the crazy itching that sometimes comes with aggressive acne. Whenever you feel the itch, do not scratch AT ALL, instead place slices of cucumber and/or an ice pack or rub aloe vera juice on the area. It really helps soothe it.
  • A great DIY face mask is a mix of oats, honey and lemon juice. Oats has scrub properties; honey is a mosturizer while lemon is great for fading black spots. I use this combo often for home facials

    DIY Home facial

  • Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! I cannot stress this enough! Having overly dry face/skin will cause breakouts just as much as an overly oily one would. In picking a suitable moisturizer, be sure to take your skin type into consideration – is it dry or oily or a combo? Pick accordingly.
  • My mum gave me these Swissgarde supplements – Skin, Hair & Nails –  which I’ve also been on. It’s 100% safe and completely herbal. IMG_1849


  • Do not pile on makeup in a bid to cover the breakout. It does nothing to cover the bumps, instead it clogs your pores and aggravates the acne; plus there’s nothing more scary to look at than an overly caked face full of humongous acne. I know all about the urge to hide behind the makeup but trust me, at your worst, makeup is NOT your friend. Just chest the bare face [and stares] for a few days till the aggressive stage passes.
  • In addition, do not ever go to bed with makeup on. No matter how tired you are, wash your face before you snooze, even in the afternoon.
  • Do not aggressively wash your face one million times a day. Washing twice a day with warm water and mild products will suffice.
  • Do not pick your face and pop your whiteheads, it’ll irritate the skin and cause inflammation/scarring. Also, picking it will cause the bacteria to spread as your hands are probably dirty anyways.
  • Do not scrub your face at the aggressive stage of a breakout, you’ll just have angry acne on your hands.


  • Maintain a proper face regimen, it’s not necessarily about the fancy products, it’s all about consistency
  • Begin [and preferably end] your everyday with a cup of warm water and lemon juice [wedges]. This mix flushes your digestive system, stimulates your liver and kidney and does the whole body great good.
  • Get to know your triggers. Some people breakout when stressed, some people can’t play with groundnut; get to know yours, if any.
  • Be patient with the process. Serious acne cannot clear in a day or a week or even a month. It takes at least 8weeks for visible difference to be seen but if you hang in there, you’ll be smiling soon.

So what does my BARE face look like today? I’ll let the pictures do the talking


These pictures were taken just last night. Do you see the difference? Like I actually go out without an ounce of  makeup on. Ha! *dougies*

When I now decide to rub pancake ehn…. *who’s that guuuuuuuuuuuurl*

Although this is an incredibly sensitive post for me to write, seeing as it meant posting unflattering pics of myself, I chose to write on this because it’s something a lot of women deal with and I’m hoping that by sharing, it’ll help someone jumpstart their own lifestyle change and hopefully see visible changes as I have. Guys, I kid you not, a CLEAN DIET coupled with a SENSIBLE SKINCARE & WORKOUT REGIMEN will change your lives in every aspect.

If you have any further questions, please ask me below. I’d also appreciate tips from you flawless women; share with me your skincare regimen/fresh face tips.

Besos xx.



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How many times have you heard or read about the importance of drinking enough water in a day? I bet a lot! There are all kinds of water campaigns shared every day and aimed at encouraging people to ditch the sodas and drink more H2o. Water is great! No lie! It purifies your kidney, transports nutrients and oxygen in the body, regulates your body temperature, prevents headaches, helps you get rid of toxins, regulates bowel movement and improves the appearance of dull/flaky skin amongst many other benefits. But let’s be honest, drinking plain water gets boring jor. Plus some [weirdos] people don’t like to drink water in general.

Personally, if I haven’t drank water in like 4 hours, I start to feel woozy and I’m one of those people who check the colour of my pee religiously to see if I’m drinking enough. Yes guys, the colour of your urine says a lot about what’s happening on your insides – too yellow/almost dark means you aren’t drinking enough water, are dehydrated and should therefore up your intake.  I’ve never needed to be cajoled to drink water; however, infused water has helped me up my already okay water intake.

Infused water? What is this one again? These people have come again! Yes, they have come again ooooo *insert eye roll* ha ha 😀

I’ll make it simple. Infused water is just plain ordinary water jazzed up by adding fruits and veggies in it to add flavor and trick you into drinking more than you ordinarily do.  It is indeed a great way to skip sugary sweet drinks and stay hydrated. Chances are, you’ve been doing this already but just didn’t think about it in such technical terms. Like when you go to a restaurant and ask to have lemon wedges in your glass of ice water? There!! You’re already doing it. I’m just here to make you do more and think about it more consciously. It’s been said on many fronts that infused water especially those made with cayenne pepper/ginger/cucumber/mint works great for weight loss and for burning tummy fat but frankly that’s not why I swear by it. As a matter of fact, looking at the many reasons why you should be drinking water like its going extinct, weight loss/tummy fat burn is just an added plus. I get asked a lot about the health benefits of infused water and the value in terms of nutrients and my answer is always the same – the main health benefit of infused water is HYDRATION, anything else is just jara.  And yes while you definitely gain value from the nutrients infused into the water, if what you want is to get the full nutritional value of those fruits and veggies then you should probably be juicing and/or making smoothies with them instead.

There are tons of brands of flavoured water being sold commercially in shops today but frankly I think its just a waste of money while probably drinking sneakily labeled fizzy drinks. Instead of buying those; why don’t you just make yours naturally, at no ridiculous cost and in the comfort of your own home? Sounds good?

Infused water is so easy to make by yourself, you just slice your preferred choice of fruits and veggies very thinly, add them into your pitcher of water and let it sit in the fridge for about 4 hours [overnight preferably].  Now if you drink bottled water in your home as we do at mine, you can just put your fruits/herbs/veggies into each bottle with the water and leave it in the fridge. For me, at some point, I found it cumbersome to stuff different bottles daily and when I don’t get the mix right, I usually would end up having different tasting water per each bottle and I didn’t like that. Because we have so many empty water bottles lying around at my home, I started making mine in a huge bowl and just straining into the bottles next day. What I do is, I boil a big pot of water (don’t use your normal soup pot, lest your water starts tasting like egusi) ha! Once boiled, I pour it into my container and let it cool. Once cool, I add the fruits/veggies/herbs and leave it overnight in the refrigerator.


Because of this, we are going through less cartons of bottled water per month. Hydrated and Prudent! Win!

IMG_2568 IMG_1717 IMG_1721IMG_2476IMG_2569images (1)

Typical categories of fruits/veggies used include –

  • Citrus – oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruit, clementine, Satsuma etc
  • Vegetables – cucumber, carrot, celery,
  • Herbs/spices – mint, ginger, rosemary, black pepper
  • Berries & tropical – strawberries, blueberries, mango, cherries, pineapple, pear, kiwi etc
  • Others – apple, peach, plum, peach etc

[This list is by no means exhaustive]

There are so many combinations for infused water, just as with cocktails; so choosing yours is a matter of preference really. Whatever fruit/veggie/spice combination you choose to add to your water is fine, as long as it makes you stay sipping; you’re good. My personal favourite for infusion is cucumber/ginger/mint and lemon. I tried pineapple, watermelon and apple once but didn’t like it much plus I worry that when fruits like that sit in water for too long; they may ferment especially with this epileptic power situation in Nigeria. NEPA can’t be trusted to keep your water tasting fresh. Plus, fermented fruits will totally ruin the taste of the water which in turn totally defeats the entire purpose of infused water in the first place.

Take care to not over keep infused water. I drink all of mine in a day and make a fresh batch every night, which I leave in the fridge till the next day. I think it goes without saying that you must wash your fruits/veggies/herbs thoroughly before you slice them up.

In my honest opinion, I think infused water made with fancy/expensive fruits such as strawberries/peaches/blueberries [for naija level] is a waste; just because these categories of fruits are harder to come by and thus more expensive.

images (2) images water

I stick to lemon/lime/mint/cucumber/ginger because they’re far easier and cheaper to access. I’d much rather make the fancy fruits into a yummy smoothie and get the full benefits of eating them plus my money’s worth. Yup! I’m always thinking about maximizing my pocket. But don’t let that deter you; the whole idea is for your water to taste the way you like, so if the fancy fruits is what does it for you, go for it.

Storing your infused water is pretty easy. I make mine in a huge mini bucket thingy which sits in the fridge overnight, then I pour it into empty swan/nestle water bottles and/or a jug for easy access. If I’m going out, I take the bottle, while at home; I strain from the pitcher/jug into a glass.

If you’re wondering about how much fruit/veggies/herbs should go into what quantity of water, you shouldn’t stress about ratios. Put as much or as little as you like, it’s about experimenting until you find the exact mix that your tastebuds love. My first infused water, I overdid it with the mint and could hardly drink it cos the mint overpowered everything else; over time I now know the exact quantity of mint that goes into my pitcher. So experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

Alternatively, you could just freeze your fruits with water in ice cube makers and when you’re ready to drink water, you just drop in a glass of regular water and drink up.

download (1) download Infused-Water-Bellanaija-June-2014003-600x458 Infused-Water-Bellanaija-June-2014004-600x374

Sidebar: I buy a huge bunch of mint that lasts at least 2 weeks for just N200 so why do cocktail makers in Abuja NEVER have mint in their mojitos? Matter of fact; do not ever order in mojito in this city, you’ll cry mint tears. Ha!

Will you be trying infused water? I sure hope so! Stay hydrated.


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Guys!!! I forgot to warn you people but here goes…. I AM ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT FOOD! There! Secret is out. I can think about food to the point where if I don’t get up and get it, I’d dream about it when I sleep…lol. Nobody taught me food combos, I didn’t read about/do any research about what food goes with what, it comes naturally and instinctively to me because…. I love food! The only difference is that, nowadays, instead of thinking of heart attack inducing-cholesterol thickening type foods, I’m teaching my brain/mind to start thinking about cucumbers & beets & carrots etc and how to make them appealing to my sweet tooth.
See for me, food is equal parts visual, equal parts taste; which is why I be side-eyeing the hell out of those spinach/beet mixed Eba I keep seeing on Instagram, WTF?! Why is Eba green like diarrhea? Or red like food used in Nigerian movies to sacrifice to forest gods? No thank you!!!
Anyways, earlier today, after my morning jog (more like a walk because my pace today was atrocious, but that’s story for another day); I came home and made myself a delicious semi frozen slushie type smoothie, I shared the photo & recipe on my twitter @GBTheBlog and it got a number of faves, I’m guessing folk want to recreate it. I can’t blame them. Fitfam or not, that smoothie looked so good (and tasted even better), longer throat was expected.. hahahaha
I mean…. Just look at this? Wanna try it? Here’s all you need (serves 2)



  • Watermelon – 300ml
  • Pineapple – 200ml
  • Pink grapefruit – 200ml
  • Pawpaw – 200ml
  • Beetroot – 100ml




Just toss into the blender and puree for a minute and your 60 seconds slushie is ready! This recipe serves 2; meaning you can share with a friend or save a portion for later. If you drink all of this at once, you must be incredible hulk  Lmao. Refreshing I tell you!

Anyways, morning shot aside; naturally I started thinking about lunch (What? Don’t look at me! I start thinking early to save time).. lol. Thinking…. Thinking… thinking…. Then… *lightbulb* BEET SALAD!!!! I squealed. My Lithuanian flatmate used to make me the most delicious beet salad circa 2011/2012 and I loved it so much; I hadn’t made any in a while so understand my excitement. The only challenge was she used to make hers with mayonnaise and some kain Lithuanian things that definitely weren’t fitfam so I had to find a healthier substitute. My greek yoghurt from here came in very handy. I’m loving this thing where everything I make has part of my own ingredients, watch out Barefoot Contessa 😀


Ingredients: Serves 2

1 medium sized Cucumber -diced (300ml)
Diced carrot – 300ml
Sweet corn – 200ml
1 green apple – 150ml
1 medium beet – 200ml
Greek yoghurt – 2 tablespoons
Unsweetened yoghurt – 2 tablespoons
Honey – 2 tablespoons






1. Put the beet in a pot and add water to boil. Place on burner and leave to boil for about 20 minutes. This is to soften the beet. Some people use it raw but I don’t like mine raw in a salad. Steaming it also reduces the strong taste; you want to be able to taste everything else in the salad. I only have raw beet in smoothies (as shown above and juiced)
2. While the beet is cooking, wash and dice your cucumber, carrot and green apple.


3. When your beet is cooked and tender, remove from the burner and peel. If it’s too hot to touch, hold it under running water for a while to cool off. Peel and then dice into smaller pieces.


4. Now put all the ingredients together in a salad bowl and add 2 tablespoons of greek yoghurt, 2 tablespoons of unsweetened yoghurt and 2 tablespoons of honey (for sweetness). The honey is totally optional but I have a sweet tooth so…

IMG_2577         IMG_2580

5. Remember, I’m using yoghurt as my dressing/thickener because…fitfam. If you want to use mayonnaise, it’s totally fine. The original recipe uses mayo anyways.

6. Mix it all up and your beet salad is ready.

IMG_2579 IMG_2582 IMG_2581

7. This recipe measurement serves 2 (3 if you want to stretch it) and is under 300 calories per serving. WIN!!!!

8. You can add a squeeze of lemon juice if you like that sweet/sour taste clash.

9. By the time you load this page and finish reading this post, another beet salad can be ready. It’s that simple and quick.  Be inspired! Enjoy! 😀


There you have it. How do you make yours? Any pro-tip? Pls share below