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GB Dot Com is ONE – Thank YOU!!!!!!  

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The blog is ONE!

Can you believe it is exactly a year ago since I typed and sent out the above broadcast to all my contacts, social media pages and everybody’s cat? Time does fly indeed.

See I always wanted a blog; my very own dot com, but feared the commitment involved. However, with the push and encouragement from my closest people especially my friend Shola [thank you babe], I finally jumped in with two feet and boy it’s been one helluva ride.

Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

Remember when we talked about dealing with Acne?

For sure one of the most interactive [and my most vulnerable] posts I’ve ever had on here. Perhaps, because I was so open with my struggle, I reckon a lot of you had no qualms sharing yours too and we all learnt a lot from each other that day.  So thank you.

What about the time we talked about apologies – How to get them right and how we sometimes screw them up?

Judging from the number of views and interaction, this post is the 2nd most popular post EVER, on here. I loved writing it, I loved seeing how y’all assimilated it and how much it resonated. This post inspired 3 different posts on 3 other blogs from other blog owner-readers and that made me very happy. It’s the best feeling in the world when your words connect with your intended audience on such a deep level. Thank y’all for being so gracious.

The most personal post I ever put up here was my 2014 struggle. Boy what a year that was!

That post had total strangers emailing me to first thank me for being so honest and then going further to share their own personal struggles. Some of the emails I received were so deep that I’d sometimes take a few days to formulate what I thought would make for an appropriate/befitting response. With this post, I realised that alot of people are going through so much in their various lives and creating a safe medium to share can sometimes make all the difference. Thank you to everyone who trusted me with their thoughts and thanks to everyone who sent me best wishes for my own story. I appreciated it all.

And then there was the hilarity from my birthday weekend where I became an unknowing party to strip clubs and dollar bills……[still gat ma money]

Y’all…. when I tell you that I have the MOST RANDOM experiences ever; believe me! Someone told me that when he read that post, it felt like he was there with me while it was happening – a testament to my gisting/storytelling skills ha ha. A lot of you must have also enjoyed it plenty because it did receive tons of shares & interaction. Bad children.

I also had the lovely birthday, the fitness stuff, the cooking, the tedious job search, random shit, rants and tons more. Just look through the archives; it was a very eventful year indeed.


While putting together that quick recap, I realized how much has happened in JUST one year and that to me is the biggest lesson today – that because I attempted to document [and share my journal/journey on here], I can actually look back at it and see VERY CLEARLY how much stuff has happened and how much has changed since the day I took this step [something I would have struggled to see otherwise].

I want to thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me thus far on this crazy ride. Thank you for the support, thank you for the clicks, for sharing with your friends and sharing all over your various social media pages; for subscribing and interacting with me. I truly, truly appreciate you guys and I hope that we continue on in this 2nd blog year.

A quick one: Sometimes, even when I haven’t update the blog, you’ll find me actively posting all kinds of random stuff that I think you guys might find interesting & informative on the various social media pages created solely for the blog. So please, follow these pages to keep up with this train.
Twitter – @GBTheBlog; Instagram – GBTHEBLOG

Don’t forget to also follow me on Snapchat where I’m a mess [but a fun mess if I do say so myself]

Snapchat ID – gorgeousbskin

Like I spent yesterday sharing “Lily Allen has a baggy pussy” and the other day I shared the story of how I came to love my lips. Between everything I share on all these pages, trust me, you’ll be entertained, so click follow okay?

One last thing, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog. You’ll get all content delivered directly to your devices.. and isn’t that so convenient?! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaahxx

Apollo update – 98% better, I kinda like the dreamy bedroom eyes I carry around now. lol


Have a great friday eve …

Besos xx



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3 months a blogger…. Happy Blogverssary!!!

Gorgeousbrownskin dot com turned 3 months old yesterday. THREE MUTHAFUCKING MONTHS!!!

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Guys! Its been 3 months already. 3 months of me yapping away on here and 3 months of you guys indulging my every whim, and reading and leaving me lovely/hilarious/insightful comments and sharing with your friends/families and I cannot thank you guys enough. You guys are simply amazing. I’m not above admitting that I did a google comparison of site stats for new blogs; yes… I checked. Lol. And I’m happy and proud to announce to you guys that we broke those records in our first month, so this 3 month mark? Ace!


When I embarked on this journey, I had zero expectations, I told myself it was just an avenue to blow off steam and silence the voices in my head. I was right, it’s exactly that. But it has become so much more….. I’ve made friends from here and connected with some of you on levels that shock me; I’ve gotten emails from  total strangers based off this blog where you commend, suggest stuff and share some of your innermost deepest concerns  with me and I realize that this is no longer just about me. I don’t take this responsibility lightly and I appreciate every one of you that has ever written me for even bothering and for being so brave and receiving and open with me. It’s a journey we are in together and it’ll only get better. I moderate the comments on this blog but I’m starting to think I may not need to as I have never received one left sided comment this entire time of doing this; NOT EVEN ONE. I’m happy that that negativity that can sometimes be found on the internet doesn’t live here. Thank you!

As interactive as you guys have been with me thus far, I still think we can do more, so I want to take this time to ask you guys to please use the CONTACT ME form on the top left side of this page to please send me suggestions on stuff you’d like for me to write posts on, stuff you’d like to see here, topics, interaction…everything! I’d really appreciate your input; thank you in advance. Also, feel free to use it to ask me out on a date too 😀 I’m just saying… ha ha. You can also reach me with your input on my twitter account @GBTheBlog – where I’ve been posting daily smoothie recipes for try-outs and updating y’all about the May Challenge which almost coming to an end *sigh of relief* lol

So who’s throwing me a 3 months party? Where am I picking up my invite? Will there be jollof rice and small chops? Party packs? I have a dress that needs to be pranced around in… I’m waiting. Lol

As you’re well aware, our dear country Nigeria has literally been on a standstill due to the fuel crisis aptly tagged the #Petrocalypse on social media. And I’m typing this Blogverssary post a day late because of that exact reason – I couldn’t charge my devices therefore no writing-  I have heat rashes on my neck for fuck’s sake! Last time I had heat rashes on my body, I was 11 years old, why is an adult CHIC walking around with a nappy neck? Because… Nigeria!! I had to empty my fridge of all veggies, fruits and stew/soup and it hurts to see such waste of money/time/resources. It’s just heartbreaking. I really think some extra-terrestrial being just needs to click the reset button on this charade of a country and let’s start all over again. It’s unbelievable.

PS: If you you’re reading this and you have access to fuel, biko epp me! I’m begging.

Happy blogverssary to GB dot com and my sincere gratitude to all of you. Many air kisses*

Cheers xx