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My music and me 

 Music is life!!!

Image result for music quotesI’m a huge lover of music. I play music when I’m just chilling at home, when I’m having a bad day, when I’m happy, when I’m in the bath/loo, when I’m in a car…every place! Every day! My music reflects/affects my mood and I honestly can’t imagine a world without music. It’ll be Drab and Gray and Sad and nobody will be able to cope. I want no parts. Music is so powerful that you don’t need to understand the language/words to be moved – remember Julia Robert’s first time at the opera in Pretty Woman? Powerful.

I believe that a person’s taste in music says a lot about them and I’ve definitely bonded with/unplugged from people on account of music. Once, I fell for a boy because [amongst other things], he used to make me these amazing sleep playlists every week and he introduced me to music that I would never have found by myself; special place in my heart.  Infact, now that I think of it, boys have been using music to toast for a while, I remember this boy in secondary school who would make me mix –tapes , yea, actual CASSETTE TAPES

I did tell you guys last week that I’ve been in a bit of a funk and while I’m not exactly peaches and rainbows yet, I am a lot better now than I was when I wrote that post, thank God. During this period, I’ve not been sleeping well; infact, my sleep pattern is so rubbish that I feel sorry for myself when I’ll need to recalibrate. Like yesterday [today actually], I went to bed at about  4:40am and it’s been this way for a while now. Sigh.

Anyways, since I couldn’t sleep, I decided to play music. I didn’t make a playlist; I just let my player do its thing randomly. As expected, I have all kinds of music/genres in my library, ALL KINDS and each one represents a vivid memory in my mind. It occurred to me some time ago that with every song I’ve ever liked, I have a distinct memory attached to it. I can tell you exactly where I was/what I was doing/who I was with etc when I first heard it or at least, when it first registered in my mind that I liked it. Every single one has a backstory. Yup! So I decided to make it even more fun by playing a little game – for every song that came on, I’d write about the memory I associate to the song. Here goes….

Image result for music quotes


I Miss You [Beyonce]  – First time I heard this song, I was visiting my friend Shola and we were just gisting in her room when it came on on her ipod dock. Coincidentally, I was going through a breakup at the time and so it got me in my feelings so much that I cried like somebody beat me; and because I enjoy torturing myself, I went and downloaded it immediately. I came back to Abuja armed with the perfect heartbreak song; I’d sit by myself everyday, play it on repeat and cry myself to sleep for like 6 months ha ha… It’s still one of my favourite Beyonce songs and I still get emotional when I listen to it.

You Know I’m No Good [Amy Winehouse] – This song takes me right back to the balcony of my undergraduate apartment on the 7th floor of Desa Palma, Malaysia. It was my first taste at actual freedom in my very own apartment all by myself. LISTEN…. YOU COULDN’T TELL ME NOTHING!! I’d play Amy on ignorant levels and dare my neighbours to knock on my door with complaints. I’d stand on the balcony, drink in hand, people watching and feeling like THIS IS THE LIFE! Good times! It was on one of those balcony days that I watched as the boy I liked who had just stood me up earlier for dinner came to drop off another girl while ignoring my calls – [cue Me and Mr. Jones: what kind of fuckery are you?] I’m sad she died, her death felt for me like it was someone I knew personally and when you actually think about it, how much more personal does it get than Amy’s music?

How To Save A Life [The Fray] – One phrase: Greys Anatomy! Season 2 : Izzie & Denny’s love story, Denny surviving surgery..ah! My heart was so tight; I thought I’d pass out. Since then, the song has been featured twice more on the show in Season 7 and very recently, on the episode WHERE SHONDA RHIMES LOST HER DAMN MIND AND KILLED DEREK OFF THE SHOW.  Expectedly, since getting featured on Greys; the song reached quadruple platinum status [if that exists], beyond successful. It also became the theme song for season 3 of the show and the cast even recreated it. I always say how much of a great gift idea it is if someone gave me the entire compilation of the all the music ever played on Greys Anatomy from season 1 till date, awesome source for finding new music.  Oh and remember on Season 8 of American idol when the song was played after Danny Gokey’s audition for his wife who had just passed away from heart complications.  *sweaty eyes*

Chasing Pavements [Adele]

should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements, even if it leads no where?….”

I was on vacation cooped up in my hotel room, cosy in bed [BY MYSELF] and I turn on the TV and on comes the most striking British voice I’ve heard in a minute, I sat up immediately, logged on to youtube and began a journey into what has become an amazing love story with my baby girl Adele.  This chic just stands there, in a huge tent of a black dress, no gimmicks, no dancers, no flashing lights, no psychedelic discos, just a voice…. I dare you to watch the live performance of – Someone like you – at the Brits and not wipe your eyes. Such presence! Besides the amazing music she makes, I love how unapologetic she is about  herself and I love that she cusses and swears like a sailor and she cackles like no self-respecting lady should but it’s so adorable and real and it tickles.


She comes across as real and relatable and totally awesome, I wanna be besties with her. And that delicious British accent that comes through so clearly even in her music…..I especially love her because she took a bad situation and turned it into multiple millions of dollars, wiping out all awards while at it and giving the Ex a big fat middle finger! She wins for you, she wins for me, she wins for any girl who ever got her heart broken but only sat in a corner, ate ice-cream, cried and got fat[ter]. Ha ha.

Breathe [Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul] – OMG!!! Major throwback no?! First time I heard this song was from watching the video on Channel O … ancient of days 😀 Where is Blu Cantrell? Listen! I rocked this song well, I’d be singing aloud like…

“you say you love me, say you love me but you’re never there for me….Then comes the drama some other girl is claiming she’s going out with you… All we do is make up, then break up… When love hurts, it won’t work….”

You can tell I’ve always been a lover girl sha ha ha. Everything was so shiny in that video. I’m glad the fashunz has changed since then.

How’s A Man Supposed To Change [Blue] – This entire album is still one of my faves. I got the CD off of a friend and played it so much that by the time I managed to return it, she refused to collect it because it had over scratched and I had to buy her a new one. It was in this song I found out that some superstitious oyibo people believe that if you break a mirror, you’d be cursed with seven years of badluck; just as the ones that believe that if you don’t make eye contact while clinking glasses during a toast, you’d be cursed with 7 years of bad sex. Better don’t take the chance. LOL

Crossroads [Bone Thugs N Harmony]

                                      “and we pray and we pray and we pray…everyday everyday everyday everyday                                                                                           See you tha crossroads so you won’t be lonely”

OMG! BCC Mkar Estate, Gboko. The video for this song gave me nightmares for months. And it didn’t help that my family friend who was a super fan and introduced me to it died shortly after. Horror. Nowadays, when I’m badly in need of Ogbono soup raps, I make do with Twista; if for nothing, I’m sure that I won’t have any nightmares.

Music and Me [Nate Dogg] – I love this man. I love this song. I don’t know what else to say. RIP.

I Want You [Ceelo Green] –  I was aboard an Emirates flight enroute England when I first heard this song. I pretty much spent the rest of the flight with it on repeat and 5 years later, it’s still my song. Let me just say clearly that nothing about Ceelo Green’s physical looks inspires any type of pink dreams for me but on account of the lyrics of this song, I wished he was my lover and had written this song for me. This song is an ode from a man who’s tired of the party scene/fast life and ready to dedicate his life to this …. Ladies, has a man ever thanked the Lord for you?

                                                 “Ooooh …one rarely finds a lady, who happens to be three times the lady…                                                                           God is good, he took his time when he designed you baby, that’s why I want you….                                                                            And, oh I’ll even quit my job, loving you, I’ll make it my job…                                                                                                            Thank you Lord, thank you Lord, this is it my God!”

Don’t Turn The Lights On [Chromeo] – I found Chromeo sometime in 2011 from the comments section of Miafarradaily’s blog and I haven’t looked back since. I recently found a song they did with Solange called  -Lost On My Way Home – Imagine the epicness. Just go to YouTube and watch every Chromeo song you can find. You’re welcome.

Shorty Got Her Eyes On Me [Donnell Jones] – My uncle Dennis. He loves this song so much and transferred the love to me, never mind that the lyrics were far too colorful for my teenage self to be singing them so confidently. What is it about some of these RnB artists that somehow makes their raunchy lyrics sound like Sunday school hymns? He needs to drop something new though, with his 3 hits having ass.

Heaven [Emeli Sande] – Buchanan Station, Glasgow 2012. I was visiting friends and while waiting to be picked, this song came on. Instant hit! I bought the album off Itunes as soon after; it’s one of the few albums I’ve actually ever purchased off Itunes.  Nowadays I remember her as one of my Ex’s favourite artist, ergo, not so fun.

Hurricane [Eric Benet] – It was many years ago, on a cold windy night. I was listening to Nike Coker’s show on Coolfm [via my Nokia 3230]. It was a request show and someone called in to request this song and that was it. I called in and re-requested for it but they said they couldn’t play it twice in such short interval and since there was no spotify/easy internet then,I was stuck. But once I got access, I downloaded it immediately. It’s such a sad yet hopeful song, he’d written it about the period of his sex addiction and resulting divorce from Halle Berry. I love this song and the message it captures – sometimes things will get crazy chaotic before they become calm and that very calm is  embedded in the chaos.

                                       “A hurricane, a hurricane is sometimes the only way to wash away the pain….                                                                    A hurricane, a hurricane is sometimes the only thing that brings you back again”

AS [George Micheal ft. Mary J. Blige]

“As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving… And the rosebuds know to bloom in early May.. Just as hate knows love’s a cure, you can rest your mind assured, that i’ll be loving you always….”

How comforting! It reminds me of my dad.

Daddy’s Home [Usher] – I want a husband just so I can play this song [from our surround sound home system] when I see his car pull up the driveway. He’ll get into the house and I’ll be standing by the bedroom door like – hey daddy – muahahhahahahaa. SideBar: Why is Usher so hot?

Magician [Ice Prince ft Gyptian] – I LOVE THIS SONG!! It was a cold night in liverpool; I was sitting in my room listening to Gidilounge and waiting for my heater to get toasty . No fucks were given on this track in terms of being politically correct – you drop bomb like a Pakistan – and that’s exactly why it rocks. Still one of my faves from Ice Prince.

A Long Walk [Jill Scott] – I found this song after seeing the video for – Getting In The Way – on Channel O; I figured whoever she is, there’s definitely more where that came from. And I was right. Jill Scott is a whoooooooooooooooooooooole lotta woman and I’m here for it all.

Stutter [Joe ft. Mystikal] – If you know me, you know I love Mystikal. I mean, what’s not to love about a rapper who cares about my wellbeing?  – “shake your ass, but watch yourself” – why thank you! I’ll be careful. I still remember the orange car on the dusty lone road and Mystikal losing his mind, I was entertained.

The High Road [Joss Stone] – One my all-time favourite singers. Her voice is sonorous and rich and doesn’t sound like its coming out of a white chic at all. She’s amazing. I have actual original copies of Joss Stone CDs, what does that tell you? I heard this song for the first time at an apple store in Liverpool One where I’d gone to replace my ipad screen. I struck up conversation with one of the store guys, a wide eyed Italian boy all the time wowing about how I couldn’t believe there was a Joss Stone song I didn’t know…being all cute. He took my number and proceeded to text me asking where I lived and whether he could stop by mine after his shift for drinks? I’m like sure we can do drinks but definitely not in my house; So damn forward. He never texted me again.  Black or white, men are men – looking to score with the most minimal effort. FOH!

Tired [Kelly Price] – In the land of hurt/heartbroken/angry music, Kelly Price is the Mayor. She makes great angry music but on this song, she’s not angry, she’s tired and you can actually feel her tiredness come through clearly. I found this song after a breakup. Yea yea… what’s new?   

Battle Scars [Lupe Fiasco ft. Guy Sabastian] – It’s almost 2am, I’m in my bed but obviously not asleep when my friend Hauwa buzzes me thus – have you heard this song? – I go no and she replies – look for it. And I did. And henceforth, I take music recommendations from Hauwa very seriously. It’s on my workout playlist, I kick ass to it many times a week. 

One [U2 ft Mary J. Blige] – Miss Mary finished work on this song okay? She took the bridge and chewed it and spat it out and dared anybody to come have a go and nobody did. What?!!!! I heard it for the first time on a documentary about U2 and frankly I don’t understand why because they should be ashamed to say this song is theirs, Mary owned it. 

By Your Side [Sade] – This song takes me back to Makurdi, those NTA color bars and connecting raindrops on window louvers;  which is weird because it’s not this actual song that NTA used to play, it was –Sweetest Taboo – but it just tells you how the brain makes these associations and connections. Sade is bae with her huge opon. Bae.

Step by Step [Whitney Houston] – I don’t know if I have a favourite Whitney song, but if I do then this one is the permanent second. I want to say it my fave but…. The video is so playful and happy and upbeat and Whitney’s shoulder dance is the best okay? Its one of those songs I grew up hearing around the house a lot, both my parents are huge Whitney fans and they passed it down to me. I accept.

Novacane [Frank Ocean] – Hmmmmnnn.…. A cute boy, ridiculous flirting, a train ride to Manchester, many drinks and…. plays till fade.

At this point, my vision started getting blurry so I had to stop…. And finally get that sleep.

What do you think about my music?


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#MayThe4th Be With You

So guys…. Its officially Taurus season!! Whoop! Make way for the most beautiful [and usually vain] members of the zodiac. I cannot even try to deny this, all the taureans I know are proper vain *don’t look at me* A lot of my friends are Taureans too, which means every other day from today, I will most likely know someone who’s birthday it is up until about the end of May. Funners!
It’s my birthday in exactly 14 days and I keep alternating between feeling excited and having palpitations; but that’s not what I’m focusing on. I know you’re already thinking – “what will I get for my favourite girl Seember” :D, well wonder no more, I’ll make it super easy as I’ve narrowed down my endless wants into an easy list for you. Let’s get right to it.
1) India


See the Taj, experience the culture, eat roti canai, deep tissue massages….. need I say more? Plus, my girl Pav will be moving to the US with her new husband by July and has been hounding me to come visit before she leaves. Someone make this happen.
2) Dubai
images (5)

I need a vacay. NEED. Plus I haven’t flown with Emirates since they started flying out from Abuja and that’s a shame. No? After suffering with them through Lagos for many years, they’re finally in my city and I’m doing lastma? Not swanky! This has to change.

3) Iphone 6

Sometime in 2011, I pledged my allegiance to apple and became a loyal iSheep and I’ve not used any other product ever since. As a student with plenty extra money to spare, I often changed my phone just because! Again iSheep! Plus we all know how often new iphone models are debuted; but this time around, it’s not just for the fashunz/cool factor, I actually need it. My current one fell in water and has been acting crazy ever since. The buttons freeze, I miss calls all day, not because I’m away from the crazy phone but because the buttons just freeze and I just sit there staring at it while it rings until it stops; cant reply chats/messages, one app opens in another app like I’d open instagram and my twitter timeline will be etc and people think I’m rude/ignoring them. If only…. So new iphone 6 NEEDED. Many thanks.
PS: I remember sometime last year on twitter, someone said, as a girl, if you buy your phones and perfumes by yourself, you’re a man. I had to find a corner to sit down and reevaluate my life because since I was born, I’ve never been gifted a phone, I buy all my gadgets myself with my own money. This year though, I don’t want to be a man any more. Eep me!
4) Perfumes
nd.18453 velvet_orchid_bottle_2 nd.5521 nd.18490download (1)
I think perfumes are the easiest gifts to give. Although they’re quite impersonal, they’re still very useful. Some say perfumes say – I don’t know you well enough/don’t care to put a lot of thought into this gift/ but I know you’ll still appreciate this – And I do. I’m currently loving Si by Giorgio Armani, Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford, Ysl’s La Nuit, Tuscan Leather/ Plum Jarponais– Tom Ford etc. This list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to surprise me with your own pick too, Options are a good thing 😀
Plus, as that twitter person said, I no longer want to be a man this year.

5) Nutribullet
You guys know I’ve become the juicing queen and my poor juicer is beginning to sound like I do when I’m climbing the stairs. Like … warning… quarter to pass out. Lol. This one will actually mean you’re making sure I hit my target weight by my 6 month mark, so consider this your contribution to my fitfam journey. Plus, there’s nothing sexier and slinkier than a nutribullet in the land of juicers, its premium grade A stuff and so so convenient. No mess at all.
WANT! NEED! GOTTA HAVE IT!!!!!!! Please.
You can find it here or here. Many many thanks

6) Polar heart rate monitor


This is a need that I’ve been putting off for a while because I was making do using my phone via the Nike run app as a guestimate for my workouts. However, now that my phone has packed up, it’s become even more imperative that I get a polar watch. Again… fitfam, 6 month target, every little helps. Find it here or here or via Instagram – @WaistedNation

7) Asos giftcard
I could upload the link to the stuff I like on the Asos site but why stress when you can just send me a giftcard and I’ll get to clicking by myself? Easy. Fast. Convenient. I love. I Reeeeeeeeeaaaalllllllyyyyyyy want this. Click here to access the site.
8) Gym membership

I run around my neighborhood for the most part but it’s become necessary to include regular gym sessions into my workout regimen so as to switch things up. Also this way, I could include strength training into my regimen as I’ve been told that this is the only way I won’t lose too much breast tissue – which is the downside of regular running. ME I DON’T WANT SAGGY BOOBS!!!!! I love my boobies, they’re my babies. So I need to get back into the gym regularly. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months. You pick. I’d appreciate any. 😀


Okay I’ll stop here. Not because I don’t want more stuff but I’m beginning to feel greedy ha ha. If you look at my list, it’s made up of more stuff pertaining to my new attempt at a healthier lifestyle, and I’m just marveling at myself. I wrote a birthday wishlist without cake/chocolate/shoes/plenty vanity; Lord, I have grown up!!! But my dear friends, do not be limited by the above, it may be restrictive but I’m very open to accepting anything that’s not on this list… with a huge smile and a gracious heart.

Infact, when it comes down to it, credit alert is the absolute best. Oh yes! Don’t be shy.

Is my wishlist too ambitious? Brethen believe me when I tell you…. Confession is possession. Come with a generous spirit 😀
Many Thanks.

Besos xx
PS: My birthday is on the 4th of May [just incase you missed my uber witty post title]


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Last Tuesday, my phone rang; it was my dear friend Shola… We chit-chatted about everything mundane as we usually do and as she’s about to end the call, she goes – “you should visit one of these days”; I just laugh and say okay, I’ll see about that. But then after the conversation ended, I thought about it a bit more and wondered, why ever not? Its Easter in a few days, a long weekend/holiday looms, I enjoy my visits to Lagos [infrequent as they are], I enjoy the downtime, I enjoy the change in scenery etc, so why not?! I didn’t need to be cajoled, sold! Couple of hours later, I had booked a flight and was ready to step. Lagos here I come.


Photo Credit: My brother. Gracious enough to indulge a vain sister but still serving me a side eye.

Once I knew what Easter was saying, I had to admit to myself that this would be a tough week/transition period fitness wise.  Because I’m mostly a homebody, I don’t have much temptation food-wise because I’ve cleaned out my house/fridge but how can I be in Lagos and not try everything I see? Eep me!

Matter of fact, I had to stop by Wuse 2 briefly to see a friend before I headed out and as we stood by Globacom office talking, the KFC building directly opposite was like “Hey S… long time no see, why you play me like this? We used to be tight” And I didn’t want to be rude so I obliged an old friend. I got in there like “Hey guuuuuuuurl… How you doing? Can I get a 2 piece original with fries and a DIET PEPSI?”…. That pretty much set the tone/pace for my entire Easter weekend. I CHOP!!!!!!!! You’re laughing at yourself okay. 😛

Delays to be accounted for [per usual], I got into Lagos a whole 5 hours later than expected and my tired oily face says it all… Still cute though 😉


When I tell you I hit the ground running, I truly did. Inspiro Galeria hooked me up, fitfam be damned! Yum!

Wait! Have I told you guys about Inspiro Galeria? No?… Alright. Listen!!!!!! This quaint galleria is a real gem; a one stop spot for the guy/girl wey sabi ha ha.


There’s an art section where you can browse and buy some aesthetically amazing art pieces


There’s also a gift section which carries some of the most beautiful gift ideas ever – candles, unique home decor, fragrances, books, beddings, mugs etc. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, there’s someone on hand to walk you through different options. You’re guaranteed to find something your loved ones will appreciate.

IMG_4180.PNG IMG_4178.PNG IMG_4179.PNG

Inspiro also has a cafe which serves mouth watering meals, drinks and cocktails. Best mojitos ever! My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures all over again. Yummmmmmmmmm!!!

IMG_4183.PNG IMG_4175.PNG IMG_4176.PNG IMG_4182.PNG IMG_3964.JPG IMG_4174.PNG

So basically, you [and your friends/loved ones] can come to Inspiro, have a nice meal with drinks while browsing art and gift options. What’s not to love? Very convenient too. Little wonder it is a hit for intimate birthdays, dinners and different events, simply call – 08069072963/08170105105/08060805404 for reservations or inquiries. Inspiro galleria is open monday-saturdays at 9am-10pm[can be flexible on request]. It is located at No.1 Joseph Nahman Close, Off Karimu Kotun. Victoria Island, Lagos. You can also browse and follow their social media pages – Twitter: @InspiroGaleria ; Instagram: inspiro_galeria.  If you’re visiting, remember to say I tipped you, who knows, a nice discount may just be yours 😀


I managed to workout twice while I was in Lagos but i’m pretty sure all the stuff I ate cancelled it out. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I misbehaved. Just look at some of my choices…. But is there fitfam in heaven? This life that we are living, ees only one *Mama Peace voice* iChop!



**Abuja…. You need a sushi bar, why you dey slack so badly? hiss**

Besides stuffing my face, the rest of my trip was spent doing my waka waka rounds, seeing everyone I planned to see and taking endless selfies/pictures while at it. Y’all know i’m vain… Not sorry 😛


Anyways, I’m back to normal programming now and while Lagos was plenty fun, I’m so happy to be back to my life. My bed. My routine. Lagos can take a toll on one, everything is so damn fast and I find that many of the interactions/people can be quite bougie. I like that we tend to take things easy here in the Buj, definitely more my vibe. I never want to have to live in Lagos permanently.

I’ve juiced two bottles of orange juice, made a mango/greek yoghurt smoothie and re-stocked the fridge with veggies. Then I had this for dinner yesterday, in atonement for all my sins of gluttony. Dear god of fitfam, please receive your humble servant back in the fold.  We’re back in business!

Gubernatorial elections are here – Saturday, in light of which you may find some of the stuff in here helpful. Please stay safe out there guys.

So how did you spend your Easter holiday? Gimme gist 😀

Peace and love.

Cheers xx



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Merry Easter…

You’re side eyeing the title of this blog abi? Like who says “merry” Easter? Well…. Me! Of the I-Must-Be-Different-By-Force clan. Ha ha.

Actually, I lie. I don’t say merry Easter, I never have, it sounds odd but some days I just don’t feel like conforming. Who makes these rules sef? Why do we say “happy” new year/Easter but “merry” Christmas? I’m blabbing… Ignore me.

HAPPY EASTER GUUUYSSSSSSSSS!!!  I hope you’re having a lovely Easter holiday and you remember the reason for the season. JESUS.

I was raised Catholic and the Lenten season which heralds Easter is the most important/significant period in the catholic calendar and so I’ve sort of carried that on with me all my life, even after all these years of not being a practicing Catholic [Sorry mum]. But It’s not hard to understand why – the death and resurrection of Jesus as believed by Christians is the bedrock of our faith – because he died, you and I have a chance at a fresh start. And so in this Easter season, I pray for good things for myself and all the readers of this blog. I pray for peace, joy, happiness and a revival of dead/hopeless situations [that are edifying and fall in line with God’s will for your life]. This is not the time to go and try to resurrect that dead ass relationship or friendship because you read here that I prayed for a revival for dead/hopeless situations okay?….. The number you’re dialing is incorrect! Me I no dey ooooo lol.

But, let’s not limit Jesus to money/health type problems only. Guys, there really isn’t any thing you’re going through that you can’t talk to Jesus about. I mean, if you think about properly…. The picture below is an apt summary of Jesus’s suffering on the cross, death & resurrection = Easter.   LMAO! Is this blasphemy? I hope not.

But guys, when someone i’m talking to [boy or girl] reads my messages and doesn’t reply, I want to kick rocks! Fight the air! Swallow bugs. I HATE IT. WITH ALL MY HEART! I think its hella rude. But lemme not lie, I do it too; but I only do it when i’m intentionally trying to rile up the person. Ha! What’s so difficult about sending back a quick “brb/busy”? Even Obama – The POTUS, Leader of the free world – has 5 seconds to spare, so please gerrout with the sloppiness. Its sha nice to know that the God I serve understands my plight, understands how I feel about……. it’s been over a week. He must be dead right? I think he’s dead. If he isn’t, he better fake his death because…. Boy bye! :p

I’m in Lagos for the Easter holiday and its been so much fun. I love Lagos for the endless trips. There’s so much to do [when you’re not contending with traffic], so many people to see, so many restaurants to try, so much sushi to be had…. its just awesome. Lagos is great for quick/short visits but I never want to live here permanently, its just too fast for me. Too hectic. Too much. Nope.
PS: We still don’t have any sushi bars in Abuja, so…. Lagos wins!!

I did this makeup myself. Holaaaa….. whoop!

Out and about, just taking in the awesomeness that is Lagos.

Happy Easter Guys… Remain blessed.

Cheers xx