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My year in recap… 2017

*swats dust* *coughs*

Oh hello everyone…
I know, I know. Forgive me! Love me again!
I have no excuses to be honest, I just kinda lost the blogging mojo and try my hardest, I couldn’t shake it off, so I was stuck with many drafts that just simply never made it to light. That happens sometimes, I’m sorry.
Hope you’re all doing well?

I am. I’ve had a wonderful year [comparatively to the last 3/4 years] and I’ve found myself feeling hopeful again that my life as I knew it isn’t over. Isn’t that wonderful?

So let’s catch up…. A lot happened this year. A LOT!

I started a new job. Yes.

I’ve been quite open even on here about my frustrations with job hunting and so when this year started by dropping this opportunity in my lap, I knew I was about to have a different type of year and it’s been great. Because I’m such an independent person, a huge part of my sense of self, esteem and self respect is tied to my ability to take care of myself and my loved ones and so not having a job for a long time impacted on my ability to assert that part of who I am and it affected my self esteem a lot. I hated needing help, the dependency and sometimes blatant disrespect that comes with it so much that every time I had to ask for help, it made me feel even smaller. This new job helped change that for me; it also opened so many doors to so many new experiences, travel, growth opportunities both professionally and personally, helped me make new friends and afforded me a whole new sense of self, esteem, respect and pride. There’s NOTHING quite like this feeling and it can only get better. I am so thankful for it that even if this is my only testimony for the year, I’ll be okay.

But it’s not! Because God is such a show off…. I love it!

I have a nephew!

See I’m not new to this aunty business, I have nieces but this is my first time at the nephew rodeo and it’s a whole different kind of feeling I tell you. No, this isn’t some battle of the sexes tirade; what I’m saying is, the experience is new to me as I’ve done nieces 4 times over. Baby Suur is the most precious, chunky, happy little human you’ll ever meet. Seriously, he’s such a happy baby, only cries when you’re wasting time with his food [he obviously doesn’t play with his food because he’s my blood ha]. And his hair…omg! Another thing he has in common with me is that he loooooooooooooooves his reflection chei! I make videos of him all the time and when I play them back to him, he gets super quiet watching them with such intensity like woah… boy we know you’re cute, relax.

He’s truly our precious gift and I always look at him and wonder how my dad would have been with him if he were still here with us. He has also unlocked my baby fever at an all-time high and now i’m thinking that perhaps… this time next year ehn..…just watch this space.
My baby girl Iveren is still a firecracker…. She makes my life [and my snapchat feed] so colorful and rich.

Such a spice! She’s spending the holidays with grandma and I miss her so much, it hurts.
Speaking of baby fever…. I think I’ve found his/her daddy too 😀
Yes. Your girl’s got love in my life and it’s such a wonderful feeling. This is the first time in my entire life I’ve felt this way and I’m not saying this about the love, I’ve loved before. I mean it’s the first time I’ve actively thought – “I could totally marry this guy even though I hate his guts and I want to murder him sometimes”. I mean, I count all the things I can’t stand about him and our relationship but then I think to myself “I still love him though” like woah! I’m whipped! I’m also not afraid to be vulnerable because regardless of how this plays out, he’s a kind/decent person and he will never be intentionally mean/wicked to me and that’s saying a lot.
In the past, I’ve dealt with men that were so cruel with me that I told myself that going forward, it’s – kindness/compassion before anything – and we’ve passed the test. I love this man, I want to marry him, I want to have his babies… and yes, I totally just typed all this here. It’s official.
Remember when I cut my hair last year? Well it’s been over a year already can you believe?! In that time, I’ve worn it natural low, sporty, curly, coloured, texturized.. you name it! Anyways, many months later and all the experiments passed, I’ve grown bored/tired and have promptly gone back to my trusty braids.

I don’t think I’ll ever actually actively grow out my hair like full again; the cut life is here to stay, so going forward; it’ll be me swapping between cuts/weaves/braids as my mood fits. But this Anita Baker/Toni Braxton inspired cut is definitely the winner and will become the go-to staple for when I cut it again.

The best self-care thing I did for myself this year was to develop and stick to an actual proper skincare regimen. I’ve always had some type of regimen going on especially when my acne flares were at an all-time high, but nothing quite like what I developed this year and I can honestly say I don’t know when last I had skin so supple smooth and flawless from head to toe. If you follow me on snapchat then you already see me do this every day, the whole works.
I feel like once you’ve hit the big 30, you just can’t get away with doing the bare minimum anymore with your skin; you just cant. I took mine seriously this year and it shows. My current regimen is made up of a lot from The Ordinary, the Tea-tree range from The Bodyshop and a Clarisonic [thank you Achike]

I have shared extensively about these already on snapchat but I will take the time to do a post and share on here. People, if there is one thing you gift yourself this year and going forward, let it be a skincare regimen. You’ll be glad you did.

So basically, this year…. I have a job, my family is growing, I have love in my life, my hair is on fleek, my skin is popping and i’m happy! I win.. let’s go home. Bloop!
On a more sober note though, this year also had its fair share of sad moments and heartbreaks. I had a major health scare and had to take time off work to get the help I needed and to take care of myself. I’m okay now, thank God. Just praying that this is the last time I ever have that experience, it was a very scary experience. Not fun.

Then….. Justin died.

My Rookiee bum bum! My daddy! My English professor!
This is hands down the most painful thing I experienced this year. Justin and his lawyer hat helped go through my contract for my new job and took me out to dinner to celebrate. I cannot even begin to explain who he was to me and what we shared, words won’t be enough. I cried, and cried and cried. I still cry randomly even now when he crosses my mind and that happens quite often. Like a few weeks ago, at work I was cleaning out my desk and found his business card and I had to take a moment.
You broke all our hearts Justin; I can only hope that you know how much you meant to us and how much we love you. We will never forget you.
I did learn some new lessons this year and also renewed old lessons:
1. There’s nothing I did, i’m doing or will ever do to earn anything I have, it’s all God. Never my intellect, never my sabi sabi, never my nothing… all God. There’s also nothing i’ve done, i’m doing or will ever do that’ll change what God has in store for me.

2. Things will always sort themselves out, eventually. This is related to the first lesson because many times, I have plotted, and thought, and arranged, and organized, and planned meticulously and still failed. All that planning and plotting can make us feel like our successes and wins were our doing, but they’re not. Sure, there’s a place for preparedness but the God factor is the most important factor. Knowing this also helps me take a step back to analyse all my past fails/wins, to see how easily I had nothing to do with it and to stop turning to God only after I’ve gone out on my own and failed. God doesn’t want to be my last resort, he wants to be my day one!

3. Never stop seeking self-improvement. Commitment to one’s self is a life long journey and there are no breaks. With timehop apps on social media these days, it’s so easy to see how different we reason/think and the difference only a few months/years can bring to our opinions and mindsets. Problematic mindsets and all that come with it need to go and the process of un-learning and re-learning is one you must never  get tired of; and its something to be proud of.

4. However, they say – “to sabi yourself no be curse” – which means, in our quest to be better, know better and do better, we must never lose ourselves. You are who you are and there’s nothing to apologise for. Not saying hold on to negative aspects about yourself under the guise of “this is who I am” but it’s a fine line between that and looking yourself in the mirror one day and not recognizing the person who’s reflection is staring back you.

5. 2017 stripped me of all sense of entitlement. I am solely responsible for myself and no one owes me anything! I set myself up all the time imagining all the different ways people are “supposed” to treat me or relate to me and of course I get disappointed when it doesn’t play out that way. This is the lesson that life is determined to teach me seeing as I’ve repeatedly faced it every turn every year and I’m still grappling with. Is this the year I finally learn it for good for real? We’ll see.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the wave of feminism/women rights issues viz-a-viz the stories of harassment and abuse that are awash the globe right now. It’s timely, it’s important, it’s necessary and there’s simply no place for silence or complacency on this matter anymore. We owe it to ourselves to fix the rot that has allowed and perpetrated the abuse of women in all spaces of society – work, home, family etc.
These conversations are necessary, no matter how inconvenient and uncomfortable they may be. I personally have taken up the coveted title of “angry/feisty/disrespectful” woman in my circles and I wear that badge proudly.
I am here to tell y’all that women will not be taking any shit anymore, NO SIR!

I think that the place to start so as to arrest the next generation’s foolery is to focus on raising good wholesome boy children who will grow up to become tomorrow’s men as much as we currently focus on the girl child. Institutionalized mindsets about what girls can/can’t do vs what boys can/can’t do NEED TO GO! Commit to raising responsible boys, decent boys, boys who respect women, who cook & clean, who are allowed to cry and experience a full range of different emotions etc. Do away with those toxic notions from the past that births entitled, crude, invalid boy-men… let’s start there.
Obviously it’s a lot more to it but I think this is a good place to start
Overall, I’ve had a very eventful year and I thank God for all the joys, the pain, the tears, the lessons and all the happiness. I look forward to an even more amazing 2018 and I pray same for you all. As far as resolutions go, I have zero resolutions for the New Year. The motto for 2018 is – “NA SO WE SEE AM”.
Enough with the roundabout motions that lead nowhere! I shall no longer be a slave to those.

Even when I’m not actively blogging, you can still keep up with me on these social media platforms:

Twitter: @GBTheBlog

Instagram: @GBTheBlog

Snapchat: @Gorgeousbskin

I want to hear all about your year too so please share in the comments below

Happy holidays!




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Let’s Play Catch Up, Shall we?

Let me tell you guys the shameful thing that just happened ~ while trying to log on here just now, I forgot my login details… TWICE! *hangs head* It’s been that long…

For the better part of March, all of April and up until yesterday, I have not had ONE day of doing nothing/rest; and I’m only just finding out[much to my disappointment] that I simply cannot do it all. I’m no superwoman, something had to give and sadly the blog was part of the collateral damage.

I’ve been swamped! Proper swamped. Still… I apologise.

Let me get y’all up to speed on the whirlwind that is sometimes my life. See, I meant to share all these as separate posts and that’s exactly why I ended up in this predicament as there was never time and it just kept piling so let me just sparsely share for now, pending when I can be more detailed.

Let’s get to it.


One of my closest [and oldest] friends was getting married and so I [together with her sister] planned and threw her a surprise bridal shower.

No big deal right? Wrong!

First off, I’ve never thrown anyone a shower before so I was the rookiest of all rookies which basically meant, tons of higi haga crinkum crankum gbish gbish gbo gba! Ha ha. But in the end, we pulled it all off, my friend was somewhat surprised [pesky colleague ratted us out].

It was a simple shower, we rented out a suite at Protea and basically had a girlie evening/slumber pyjama party.

We had booze.. of course! I also made my world famous punch!

We had cake and so much food [which I forgot to take pictures of]

We all dressed up in gloves and fascinators like some fancy sophisticated women as we danced, ate and laughed into the night


 We spent the next day poolside, played water games, feasted on some leftovers and generally unwinded.

 It was perfect! She loved it so much, she shed a few happy tears and all was well with the world.


 It was my friend Boki’s birthday and another friend of hers threw her a lovely house party which I was invited to. It was so much fun. I don’t know what it is *cough*old age*cough* but I find that I’d much rather be at a house party these days than out clubbing or a full on dressy-outty type shindig.

Kisses for the birthday girl

 This is definitely top 3 of my favourite photos of us Boks.

If you follow me on snapchat [which I hope you do], I bet you got more than an eyeful of what can happen when Boki and I and the usual suspects get together in one space. Mayhem! Lol.

It was a lovely evening. Happy Birthday Again Boks.



My only brother got traditionally married.

Mr & Mrs Ali Martin Tordue

 As we arrived our in-laws’ village, this banner greeted us at the main road….. I immediately got emotional. It was surreal…..

First Outfit

Our beautiful bride with her maidens

When she found her husband……

When they were tasked with feeding each other… symbolizing their taking care of one another.

Our beautiful bride… Gorgeous smile

My mum simply couldn’t contain herself… She danced and danced and danced and danced all day until night came and when we moved back to our Makurdi home and she was STILL dancing #TrueStory

Mummy and Me

As for me ~ Sister of the Groom ~ I don’t think I need to reiterate how seriously I took my role, by first of all ensuring that I looked the part!

You really should be following my social media pages [snapchat especially] because trust and believe that EVERY angle of this Slayage was very well documented for all to enjoy. Y’all already know I’m vain as hell. Ha ha

Wishing my brother and his new bride the very best of married life. I love you both dearly.


Wednesday, 4th May….. It was my birthday.

If you know me, you know that I love to make a big deal of my birthdays and I start counting down to it from weeks preceding – as evidenced here and here and here from last year.

However, something bigger overtook my day this year…. My friend, who’s bridal shower I talked about up there was finally taking the traditional plunge. ON MY BIRTHDAY. What joy!


It was such a beautiful day.


If I’m being totally honest, I loved that it took the pressure off me and I was so busy running around that I didn’t have time to poke pins in voodoo dolls of anyone who didn’t send me a wish. It’s usually that serious. Ha ha. However, by the time I got to settle down and catch up, the outpouring of best wishes was truly overwhelming. Thank you for every tweet, facebook post, text, call, raven post etc. I appreciate it, may God bless you all.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to have spent my birthday.


Friday, 6th May [My mum’s birthday]….. she did it in the eyes of God.

So beautiful


Per usual….. I turned up in my Sunday-best [more like Friday-best, but you get me].

I’ve never felt more beautiful in nude makeup


My sister and I


Happy married life to my dear friend Jennifer and her husband Peter. May God bless your new home.

So you see, I’ve had a rather hectic few weeks/month with all the running around and planning, so I hope you forgive me for being awol for so long. I shall do better.

It’s a promise!

If you read all the way to this point, you’re the real MVP and I thank you.

PS: Every single event mentioned in this post has been condensed to the barest but if you were following my social media pages, snapchat especially, you’d have seen that I captured everything in minute detail and I’ve been told it was enjoyable and fun to follow/watch so get on board okay. Besides, sometimes, even when i’m very quiet on here, my social media pages be popping! So do not carry last ehn?!

Snapchat ID: gorgeousbskin

Twitter: @GBTheBlog

Instagram: @GBTheBlog

Have a nice week.

Besos xx



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How I Spent My Holiday – LAGOS

Chuckles at the title of this blog post. Who remembers when we used to write those “How I Spent My Holiday” essays in primary/secondary school? The lies yo! “My daddy took our entire family to disneyland”, yea, if there was a Disneyland in Makurdi then sure! smh


What a city!

Sucks you in, seduces you, makes you fall in love with it, then completely exasperates you and when you think you’ve gotten to the point where you’re definitely done, she sucks you right back in with her seductively enticing energy! It’s no secret I have a love-hate relationship with Lagos…. This holiday though, it was mostly love. Alot of loving. I’m afraid i’m loving Lagos a little more than is healthy and that worries me.images

What did I do? Plenty!

If you follow any of my social media pages then you already have a good idea, so consider this post a wrap up of my amazing holiday and the amazing time I’ve these last couple of weeks.

1. I took pictures. Alot. Of myself, of food, of things. Vanity is my biggest sin.


2. I ATE! Alot. I also drank my weight in cocktails.

    img_0976.jpegimg_1203.jpeg img_0991.jpeg img_1209.jpeg

img_1153.jpeg img_1154.jpeg img_1151.jpeg

 3. Indulged & satisfied all my sweet tooth cravings.

img_1152.jpeg img_1039.jpegimg_1207.jpeg

**Notice how I categorized my deserts separately from the food? Reason: Food is for the stomach; desert isn’t. Desert doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart**

4. Had a lovely Christmas. Got gifted this beautiful mug. I love it.


5. Met someone.

6. Went to the beach.

6.  Caught a nasty flu/chesty cough bug. Still dealing with it. Lots of un-sexy coughing, not cute at all.

7. Went to see Wakaa The Musical. Loved it.

8.  Fasted into the New Year and spent crossover night in Church. Prayed like I’ve never prayed before – with spiritual anger. I’ve set my year in motion for good, 2016 about to be lit!

9. Went to the beach. Again.


 10.Went on a date.

11. Alot of nothing. That good type of lazy nothingness. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

12. Did not exercise AT ALL. Not even for a day. Je ne regrette rien.

I was NOT!! ha ha

On my last night, I sat at the cafe [Inspiro Galleria] and just chilled…. whispering about nothing & everything with this really sexy guy I just met.

Indeed, I had an amazing holiday.

Back home now [in Benue] eating loads of pounded yam and genger. Next week, I’ll dust the trainers & see about a detox plan.

So you see….. My 2016 is already off to an incredibly great start.

How’s yours going? How was your holiday?

Besos xx



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Wakaa- The Musical [A recap] 

As already mentioned in my New Year post; over the holidays, we got VIP tickets to go see #WakaaTheMusical [don’t ask me why I’m still using the hashtag here] and we scuttled off to the venue – Muson Centre – to catch the 7pm show on the very first day it opened. I pretty much spent the entire time flooding my social media accounts with hashtags and giggles, because it was sooooooooooooooo good. I also promised you guys a proper recap/review so here goes…..

Wakaa in Technicolour

The show opened on Wednesday – 30th December and ran until Sunday, 3rd January with 2 shows daily. I gathered that for all of those 5 days, every show was completely sold out…deservedly. Those guys put in the work. Stellar work!

Even in the picture below [taken from my vantage seat -BEST seats might I add], see how packed the hall was.

We got the BEST seats in the house yo!!!! Bird’s eye


The experiences, challenges & trials of life/love/dreams as young graduates navigate through life.

A bunch of young people finally graduate university and get thrown into the hybrid of life. Wakaa explores how each of their lives get shaken & tested on the journey towards achieving their various dreams. It also makes the point that real life is a completely different ballgame from the colorful idealism many young people usually have while still in college and how easy it can be to lose one’s self in the hustle of modern living and harsh conditions, however, the show made sure to buttress the point that real change/impactful work is possible [even in the face of intense opposition]. Personally, I completely related to this story-line being that I’ve experienced this myself [as I’ve often shared on here].


Main Cast [graduates] – Kike, Rex, Tosan & Ngozi. Cassandra [played by Dolapo Oni], Governor Sagay [played by Bimbo Manuel] and Professor Jojoba played by Ozzy Agu.

For me, the star of the show was definitely Kike Johnson – the fashion loving, party girl, rich kid who loves to spend money – shopping & travelling. She was dating & eventually got engaged to Tosan [but never missed an opportunity to flirt with Rex]. Loved attention. She held the stage together, captivated us all with her singing & dancing and was the first performer on the stage to get a rousing applause amidst cheers & laughter from the audience.

She was good! Totally enjoyed watching her do her thing. 

Tosan – Straight jacket, idealistic, innocent, boring and a bit uptight. Was the perfect accessory to Kike’s hopes of one day becoming a first lady.

Rex – Hustler, big mouth, grand talker, overt big spender [covert broke ass]. Ran off to England in a get rich quick tide hoping for greener pastures but got cat-fished by his supposed white woman [who turned out to be a naija babe, Cassandra]. Eventually got deported back to Nigeria. Many LOLs

Ngozi – Activist, Goody goody, compassionate, honest and principled. Being a victim of child labour herself, she does great humanitarian work with children and community service. I remember every single thing she wore the entire show, she had the best wardrobe choices and a huge behind. ha ha

Cassandra – This character is the one you love to hate. Gosh she was so irritating. Annoying foneh, so extra with everything, the way she talked, danced, pranced about etc. She was the one who cat-fished Rex, she’d call him “my african sango, my chaka zulu” lmaoooo….  I hated her but she was definitely memorable.

Prof. Jojoba – Political Aspirant. Basically… Patrick Obahiagbon. Crikum, Crankum, suyaing & peppersoupping, bibma disma. Doxology. Ha ha

Governor Sagay: Incredibly Corrupt, Loud, Bad politician but utterly Hilarious. While his opponent came and was speaking big big turanci a’la Patrick Obahiagbon, my guy brought bags of rice and was spraying money; no points for guessing who the crowd inevitably sided with. One particular scene, he was challenging his opponent and next thing he breaks into a shakitibobo dance sequence… OMG!!

The entire hall erupted.. This guy was jokes! I laughed so hard to the point where I forgot to record the scene but Instagram came to my rescue as I found the clip above on Dolapo Oni’s page [permission sil vous plait :D]. Hands down my favourite scene in the entire show. Great job Bimbo Manuel.


Whoever was in charge of costumes and set did a fantastic job. The attention to detail was amazing, everyone looked the part and it all came together so beautifully. I particularly loved the character Ngozi’s cloth choices, they fit her body so nicely and I openly coveted each piece as she came on stage every time.

I also loved how each backdrop on stage matched every sequence/scene – like if they were at a bar, you’d see a bar setting in the back drop; or having fighter jets/armoured tanks in the background of a military themed scene.

Masquerades in the back drop during a cultural scene. So colorful.

Keen attention to detail. Two thumbs up!


The show ended with a rather sober sequence and that was my one little criticism with it. Because it had an equal share of such rousing & electric moments as it did sober moments [especially towards the end]; I personally would have preferred a high tempo dance sequence to wrap things up. I think it would have made for a better closing to dance [with us clapping] as they exited than this…..

I also didn’t like that the show did not start on time; it was an entire hour late to begin and people [read -ME] got impatient and because I went there having not had dinner, I was soooo hungry that by the time the show wrapped up I was barely speaking. Parts of the show draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggeeeedd!! I thought some scenes could be done without in that they added nothing to the story-line. Shola was playing ruzzle on her phone at some point lol.

I also assumed seating was according to the “power” of your ticket type but trust Nigerians to pull tricks. At some point, the ushers had to come check tickets and remove wrongly sat people to make space for the actual VIP ticket owners. But the way I see it, if they were stood in their right positions from the jump, directing people accordingly, there would not have been a reason to start trying to re-seat people afterwards.

However, in saying all these, I went to see the show on day 1 so I completely understand that there would be logistic issues and organizational kinks to iron out on day 1, totally expected, but hopefully as days went by, those little organizational hiccups were taken care of [if you went on later days, maybe you can share your observation in the comments below]

…….Overall, job well done!!!! Wakaa the Musical was phenomenal. 8/10.  High praise from me!

The Cast … Its a wrap!

Did you go? What did you think of it? Are you a fan of musicals/Broadway styled shows in general?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Happy new year again everyone

Besos xx



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Happy New Year 

Happy New Year my loves…

1st January, 2016. Wow!

Isn’t God good? I mean, I entered 2015 pretty shaken – both physically & emotionally and perhaps it sort of set the tone for how the rest of the year panned out. 2015 has been a pretty rough year [on different levels] for a lot of us, but look at us are still here. Alive. Healthy. Well.

I know that for some of us, we probably feel like we didn’t get much done, maybe some goals weren’t met, maybe the math didn’t add up, maybe some deals fell through etc. But there’s nothing as consoling as perspective and so as we think about the things that didn’t work and didn’t happen, try to flip the coin and think in terms of “despites”. DESPITE it all……. WE ARE STILL STANDING!

STILL ALIVE! There’s hope!

Indeed, there’s so much to be thankful for.

My favourite thing about a new year is the hope it brings, people feel like they have a chance at starting afresh and re-doing a lot and even though a lot of people joke about half cut resolutions, I love that promise of hope. The day you lose hope as a human being is the day you lose everything… So hope away! Resolute away! Do not let anyone shame you into cowering.


I’ve been nursing a nasty flu and chesty cough that’s left me pretty useless in the past couple of days but we got VIP tickets to go see #WakaaTheMusical yesterday and I couldn’t miss that for nothing. I threw on a nice white shirt & jeans, smacked on the reddest lipstick I own [which is an instant mood lifter] and headed over to Muson Centre.img_1131.jpeg


My Ace – Shola :


The actual show? Oh Boy!

#WakaaTheMusical In Technicolor

[A proper #WakaaTheMusical post is coming up on here in a few days, so let me not talk too much yet].I have sooooooooooooo much to share with you guys from my #LagosChronicles and I promise once I get back to sanity, I will. Plenty plenty funners!

PS: If you’re still looking for cute gifts for your loved ones, friends & family, check out Inspiro Galleria at No.1, Joseph Nahman Close, Off Karimu Kotun, VI. Lagos. I promise, you’ll find something they’d love.  Like the mug I received over Christmas [below]…. I’m obsessed.


 May 2016 be good to all of us, may it bring blessings and happy times and may all our dreams come true.

God bless us all.


Also, I must not forget to thank every one of you my readers for walking with me this entire journey, I appreciate you all. Thank you so much.

Cheers to a fantastic 2016.

All my love and best wishes!