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I did it!!!! 

Guys….. Guess what?

I cut my haaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


So what had happened? What’s the story? Sorry to disappoint y’all but there’s none. At least not a spicy one ~ nobody broke my heart, it’s not a declaration of any sort, it’s not the intro to some “new year/new me” BS and it’s certainly not a “big chop” a’la naturalista speak. Nothing! Except really bad split ends, a receding hairline a’la Iya Bose and a generally unhealthiness to my otherwise luscious Tiv hair.

I mean, I’ve toyed with the idea of shaving it all off for a while but I always ended up talking myself out if it. I’d tell myself that maybe I should wait till I had lost some weight ergo shed the chubby cheeks [lol], and/or wait until I had changed my wardrobe to match my new look etc. Then i’d get overwhelmed and just abort mission. Rinse and repeat!

So exactly a week ago, I took out  braids and when I tell you the braids ran away with my edges…. A mess! I just thought to myself – what the hell, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back plus I’m Tiv….hair aplenty! And that was that! There was no going back! I didn’t even let myself over-think it this time … On the night I decided, I was out by noon of the next day sitting in a barber’s chair armed with my inspiration picture like cut it!cut it!cut it!cut it! the hair is way too bad ,you need to cut it *lol*

It’s exactly a week today and I’m LOVING IT!! Shower time is a goddamn production. When the water hits my head and trickles all the way down my back, I can’t help but wonder to myself why I waited so long to do this. And then the fresh air that hits me each time I step out… Magical I tell ya!

I won’t lie, when I decided to cut it, I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be like. I worried that I’d look like a boy with breasts and it wont work with my thickums frame but let me tell y’all….. Best decision ever! As I walked out of the barber’s shop after cutting it, totally unsure about how I was feeling, I shit you guys not, some man was coming into the salon at that exact moment and said to me “you look beautiful”… whoop! I basically floated all the way back home like yea bitches! Ha ha

You know what’s surprising? The reactions I’ve been getting have been so great for my already inflated self esteem. I honestly thought I was wiping out an entire pool of potential toasters with my prepubescent boy cut but nah… It seems like what I did was open a wider pool. Heck; I’ve gone on 2 dates since this hair cut and I AM NOT COMPLAINING. LIKE AT ALL. And it’s only been a week! If we continue at this rate, I’d probably be ending 2016 with a husband. HA! jk! No not really! jk!

The only downside I’d say I’ve noticed is that with short hair, there can’t be that many “no makeup” days lest you end up looking like you’re sick.


Without Makeup… Call me Bros!

I normally don’t wear makeup everyday [even when I’m going out] but with this new haircut, I have to at least fleek the eyebrows and dust my lips before I go out and that’s problematic for me [speaking as someone who doesn’t wear makeup everyday]. But for y’all hot potato mamacitas who do not like to carry last and generally fleek the damn face everyday, this is right up your street. So go forth and flourish!

You know what works tho? Red lips! Like… it’s a match made in short hair heaven.

I mean… am I glowing or nah? Hellur

My sister [who is totally jealous of my new hair btw] has been drooling talking about “maybe I should cut my hair too” and I’m just looking at her like ~ jealousy is a disease ~ “Amoshine when amoshine” lol. Also, she has the healthiest long hair, with perfect edges so why rock the boat when it’s not shaking? Girl bye!

My sister & I

You people should have told me sooner that life as an adult female with short hair is quite THE EXPERIENCE! I would have done it sooner. Since they didn’t, i’m here to tell you… If you’re considering taking this plunge, DO IT! All I advice is that you do your research prior – look at countless pictures of people with your face/body type rocking different short hair styles, ask your loved ones to help you pick, speak with stylists etc. There is a haircut to suit every kind of face/head shape, so find yours!

 PS: Shout out to my snapchat family for helping me vote with the options I posted asking their opinions. Y’all truly came through hard. Thank you so much.

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So what you say? Do you like my new haircut?

Happy Holidays xx




Crotchet Vanity

Hello lovely people….. Long time no gist 😀

Yea, yea… i’m sorry. Life is happening pretty seriously right now hence my silence on here , make una no vex!!

I’ve been hearing about crotchet braids for a hot minute now and while I completely loved the idea of them, I never had the time/chance to try them out up until a few weeks ago. I saw these really beautifully done one on a gorgeous girl on my instagram feed and I knew I just had to have mine done too. A few co-ordinates later and we had an appointment booked…..

I love it!!!!!!!!!!


I used good ‘ol expression [which has the tendency to tangle alot] but I manage it well. You can use marley braids or human hair braid lines if you want, they’ll all work. It is so versatile and can be styled so many different ways – left/right part, high bun, all back, braided in a fishtail, any which way really and i’m completely loving it.  Seriously can’t get enough! I’ve taken over a million selfies with this hair and my vanity is at an all-time high, i’m not sorry 😛


I be looking at these pictures like…. Go forth and flourish ma nigga! *fistbump*

Another great thing about these braids is the fact that they’re crocheted onto already made cornrows/tracks as you would do when you’re fixing a weave so you can simply part them along those lines and clean with cotton wool & spirit after a workout. No sweaty/smelly hair even after an intense workout session…. Awesome!       

I’ve been kicking ass! Yes yes!

EDIT: After rocking these braids for a few week, I went back yesterday to get them re-curled and I just had to edit this post to add the new pictures…. JADORE!!!!!

IMG_6615.JPG IMG_6620.JPG IMG_6621.JPG IMG_6614.JPG


If you live in Abuja and want to get these braids done, I have the connect, simply send me a message on my twitter @GBTheBlog or use the contact me form on the top right of this page; i’ll hook you up!

The chic who did mine is happy to do yours if given some notice, so here’s her number

Pafuchi Hair – 09053016356

Have a lovely weekend guys XX